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A group dedicated to everyone's favorite mailmare, Derpy Hooves (or Ditzy Doo if you prefer).

Membership is open, and everypony can and is encouraged to add stories to the list. Only requirement is that Derpy must be the main character or otherwise play a prominent role. Also, please sort it into the appropriate folder.

So get derpin'!

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Comment posted by TVnGames deleted Apr 28th, 2016

Derpy (Ditzy) is the best pony ever.
:pinkiecrazy: eeeeeeeeeeeevvveeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
glad to find a group that shares my deepest love of her! :derpytongue2:

and my love is a platonic one, so don't think I'm in it for the plot. and for those of you who are, I mean no offense, but...

also, dang... this comment section is so untouched, it's covered with more cobwebs than in the Adam's family residence! :trollestia:

Hope Derpy get a speaking role in season 5 OH hell hope she get an episode

Hey everyone i have a 2000 word start on a derpy comedy ,slice of life story and am not sure where to go at this point could use some help if anyones interested thanks

Sine derpy had an important role in the first Fic and posted, I've decided to join

just glad Derpys back:derpytongue2:

Derpy should be promoted to royal messenger because she does such an amazing job as a mailmare:twilightsmile:

The fact that I didn't join this group right away is probably my biggest Derp all week! :derpyderp2:

engineer!! POOTIS DERPY HERE!!!!!

309191 Chrysalis = Mare-do-Well?

309190 Yes. he tries to take over Ponyville every now and again, but usually fails due to Pinkie or Chrysalis (aka Mare-do-Well)

309186 That makes more sense, hes probally the smartest one in the cakes` house

309185 Nah, Pinkie wouldn't do that. it was at Gummy's request.

309183 probally at pinkies request

309181 DID SHE!?! yeah, maybe.

309175 Molestia had a hoof in that one and we all know that

309174 Think about it! Or don't, pony genetics are weird.

Earth+Earth= Pegasus and Unicorn.


303717a sea pony and a pegasys make derpy, that makes sense

TO ARMS, DERP BRIGADE, TO ARMS!!! MLP Forums is conducting a MLP March Madness tournament, and Derpy is currently in a tight battle in the Round of 32 against Octavia! We need every vote we can get!!! Click on the link below and cast a vote for Derpy Hooves! DO IT FILLIES!!! :flutterrage: PWEASE! :pinkiehappy:


In my fic, peace at last, Ditzy;s mom is a sea pony. any questions?

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