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Edmar Fecler

As you might have noticed; i am a Ditzy finatic. (what? she's flippin awesome!) I enjoy writing Fanfics, and will continue doing so until i get good enough to publish a full story. :derpytongue2:


Happy Birthday! · 7:03pm Mar 18th, 2017

That's right, its my birthday! As of today, I have been alive for 23 years. :pinkiehappy: :yay:<yay!

I was planning on writing a fun little one-shot for the occasion, but apparently life had other plans. In the wee hours of Friday morning I got sick something awful. spent 7 hours throwing up almost non-stop. Honestly, I'm still suffering the after-effects. :pinkiesick:

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Is there any hope for dead space: friendship is decayed? Last update was
in 2013 :fluttercry:

Ok good because I really hate seeing good stories go to waste.

2625117 I hope so and yes, respectively.

truth be told, i've kinda drifted from the fandom and writing. I need to get back to it, and have always regretted not completing my stories, for the sake of you readers more than anything.

hope one of these days I work up the gumption to get back to writing. :pinkiesad2:

Will there be any updates on The Mad Mojavian Adventures of Courier 6 and Pinkie pie ? That is a good story and I hate to see pontinal go to waste. Also is it your story because I don't see it in your story folder

2574277 I'm currently trying to work up the gumption to get back to writing.
Who knows, it might actually work this time :pinkiesad2:

there used to be stories here, but now only bones remain.:pinkiesad2:

You should make a Left 4derpy 2! That would be awesome, and hilarious, derpy on adrenaline.... the destruction......

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