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Edmar Fecler

As you might have noticed; i am a Ditzy finatic. (what? she's flippin awesome!) I enjoy writing Fanfics, and will continue doing so until i get good enough to publish a full story. :derpytongue2:


After finding a downed space ship, Courier 6 (aka Jacks) and his closest companion ED-E find an energetic pink pony that survived the crash. The pony agrees to join Jacks with the promise that he will find her a way home. What follows is a series of amazing, wild, and crazy adventures all across the Mojave desert. Friends are made, enemies are killed, parties are had, and Pinkie Pie-isk insanity ensues.

this is not a Fallout Equestria fic, nor is it an average fallout crossover.
(because lets face it, nothing is "average" if Pinkie is involved).

This will be written and updated whenever, so no deadlines on new chapters.

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If I'm following you, how come it didn't show up as you posting a new story? And is this just Pinkie in the F:NV universe?

1621234 first Q: its not submitted to the public yet. (doesnt mean its not there if someone has a link)

second Q: yes. and the courier is crazy enough without her, so both of them will be double the insanity (aka fun) :rainbowkiss:

1621811Oh god. The insanity shenanigans have been doubled? MUST READ! When I have some spare time. Just checking a few stories in between games of Skip-Bo and Monopoly with my grandma.

pony planet is called planet Equis

Wait, Pinkie pie in the mojave?
Ooooooooooooooooh noooooooooooooooooo...

Wait, you never uploaded this? So THAT'S why I never saw this in my faves.

1621811 You do know that it is explicitly stated in Fo:E that Pinkie Pie died, right?

But then again: Pinkamena Diane MOTHERFUCKING Pie.

A Fallout crossover with Pinkie shenanigans? Count me in.


He's saying it's taking place in the Fallout 'verse, not the FoE 'verse.

1733183 Oh.... OH!

Stupid me for not noticing. :facehoof:

Pinkie Pie + Mojave = Super Awesome Fun Time.

1733278 That's what he gets for turning on the Wild Wasteland perk.

._. ...You know, i kinda like your courior already. :pinkiehappy: He seems a bit like an autistic.

Oh god. Can you imagin what Fallout NV would have been like if you could find a Pinkie Pie?
Life would have been complete.

1733675 he prefers... eccentric. :derpytongue2:

1733678 I think there was a mod that turned all the vertibirds into pegasi.

And that is why I love modders.

“-Neutral beeps- I am picking up the faint life sign of a Mr. Gusty near the ship.”

Just thought I'd point it out, it's "Mr. Gutsy", not "Gusty". You know, like "OH look at me I've got guts!"

Also, why would a Mr. Gutsy give off a life sign? It's like...a robot. Not alive. It would make more sense if you used "EM signature" or something instead.

Lastly, I'll be keeping an eye on this. Never seen a Pinkie in the wasteland story before...

...It's ALWAYS Twilight...

Hmm, a semi sort crazy courier with a energetic party pony. Why do I have a feeling ED-E will be the only sane being in this story.

Also House, NCR or Independent? (This courier doesn't feel like a Legion one)

Why can't it be Fluttershy just once?:fluttershysad:
Also, Mr Gutsy is best robot.

Yeah, I like the change in tone too. I have the feeling the Wild Wasteland trait is going to happen more often to Jack now with Pinkie Pie around :pinkiecrazy:

Well you could always start a Fallout crossover with Fluttershy being stranded in the Wasteland :ajsmug:


There is no way this can't end well!

.................... I ............ LOVE............... YOU!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkie:pinkiehappy:happy:( no homo)

1734221 yikes dude, alright. :rainbowderp:

You never know in this wild wasteland. :twilightblush:seewhatididthere?

This is so nice. I want to read more. Can you give me more, please?:pinkiehappy:

1732837 I'm gonna laugh when she accidentally sets off the Archimedes system in Helios one.

I absolutely love fallout. I am proud to say that your fimfiction does not make me want to stab myself, compared to the other fallout/MLP fics, not to insult the other authors of course.:pinkiehappy:

Hello. While this fic was accepted into the Express, a few grammar fixes here and there wouldn't hurt. See if you can't grab a prereader from the group.

Gherkin8088 here to provide a (hopefully) helpful review of yet another crossover!

Let me start off by saying your Courier is of almost identical appearance to mine. Weird. :unsuresweetie:

So the first thing we notice is that it is a Fallout crossover (obviously). These are quite prominent on this site, so it can be hard to stand out from the rest. Thankfully, though, it is not a Fallout: Equestria crossover, so that's something a bit more original. Reading through it, I found it to be similar in style to tony1685's Wayward Courier, but with the roles reversed (ie. pony on Earth, not Courier in Equestria), which is a good thing, because that fic is awesome.

Reading through, I couldn't find many, if any at all, grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. My only complaint here is with ED-E's lines. For example, this:

“-irritated beeps-”

Should probably become something like this:

ED-E beeped irritably.

Also, I don't understand why ED-E is talking at some points, as I thought the only way he talked was either through beeping or pre-recorded messages. Are they the Courier's thoughts translating ED-E's beeps or something? I'm confused. If so, you should point it out. On a side note, you shouldn't refer to it as 'ED-E's head/body'. One or the other.

Finally, for canon nitpicking! Hurray!

The man stopped a few feet away from the Handyman unit

They're Mr. Handys, not Handymans.

He had found and read what he could from what was left of a pre-war bible in his youth, and he had absolutely been enthralled by the concept.

The Lone Wanderer from 3 is obviously Christian, but the Courier being so is unlikely, as dialogue in Honest Hearts heavily implies that he doesn't even know what Christianity is. However, is is possible for you to receive a Bible at the end of the DLC, so maybe he could have become one then?

Anyway, that's all I really have. I must say though I really like the way you've portrayed the Courier as a bit of a child on the inside. It's not a type of personality many think of, so give yourself a pat on the back. It'd be interesting to see his SPECIAL stats too.

That's it from me! I hope you take some of my advice to heart, and use it to improve your story. From the first two chapters, it's shaping up to be pretty good, so it's an upvote and favourite from me.

~Gherkin8088, the self-proclaimed Crossover Guy

Just to point out, that's the way ED-E talk in the game dialoged. Though the words are usually between <> like <Happy Beeping>.

1736073 In-game dialogue, yes. I knew that. However, it is not correct in prose writing. It's the kind of thing you'd find in a movie script.

1736036 your feedback is much appreciated, and i'm glad to know that you are enjoying it. :pinkiesmile:
now, if i may specify on some of your points...

well, the only true thing that 'the wayward courier' inspired me to do is go with the "short and sweet chapter" method. other than that its all me. :raritywink:

and with ED-E's dialogue, only the courier can understand his beeps. but i need dialogue to let the readers know what he's saying, obviously. although it says so at the beginning of chapter 1, i planned to specify it next chapter just in case any such misunderstandings took place.

already fixed the mr. handy/mr. gutsy issue.

as for him and readin the bible (ect), this courier is more outside the box and origional; both in personality and backstory. for example, his mother was on several drugs when he was born; which is part of the reasoning behind his mentality, personality, and SPECIAL stats/personal skills.
also, this is relatively early in his story. hell, he hasent even found benny yet. but i digress; just about all of this'll be explained next chapter.

but like i said before, i always appreciate any feedback and/or constructive criticism. :twilightsmile:
i hope you continue to enjoy the story's future installments. :scootangel:

Hmm. Reminds me of the play through I'm doing in FNV.. You know there's a mod for this, right? It is, however, slightly anthropomorphic. I can only Imagine what happens when she meets Boone.. Or Caesar.. Or Willow/Niner..Or Robert House...You get the gist. :twilightblush:

Read later´d
This truly will be a wild, wild wasteland...

Wild Wasteland hit him hard

1733278 ok thats 2/3 of the mane six with santa hats ive seen so far, all thats left is AJ and Pinkiepie

They're all on Deviant Art somewhere.

I do that to a lot of people to...have random staring contest the moment we've locked eyes.

1734001 Your in luck pal:pinkiehappy: As we speak I'm thinking of fic where Fluttershy is turned into FlutterBoone.:yay:

Not what I expected, can't say its good or bad, but its something. Have a mustache:moustache:

2010307 You too? not counting the fact that I get garbage thrown at me if I'm there too terribly long, why it's always garbage or where they get it I shall never know.

whenever she began straying into how cupcakes were made or how fast paint dries when you’re staring at it.

I bow to you.

And here it is; the long overdue nect chapter for MMA.

Yay we have the nect chapter!
Well I enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

“What kind of surprise did you have in mind?”

Jacks pulled a rectangular block and some kind of trigger out from behind his cape.

“The kind that goes boom.”

Dis gon b gud! :pinkiehappy:

If he gets a space ship he should go with pinkie:pinkiehappy:

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