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I've been brought to a world of magic and anthro ponies. I always hated how Celestia brought such an imbalance. I think it's about time to fix that. The Phantom Troupe is coming to Equestria, and it's going to cause havoc.

Chapter 1-??? Finding our legs.

(Used to be Hunter x Equestria before name and cover change)

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A little Rushed and some spelling mistakes, but otherwise a Really interesting plot. I can't wait for more!

only a few of these types i have on my shelf, so many have gone silent for so long tho... well- lets read it, see what you got for me

Feeling a bit rushed, could've given a bit more description, but overall good read and i hope this is updated as often as possible.

Seems pretty good I'll put this in my tracking for now, a lot of these kinda stories kind of die and disappear

Hail to balance!
Hail to being gray!
Fuck Celestia!

Also when this happens in the timeline ?

After tirek (obviously) but before starlight

Before Starlight reformation?
Then what Cozy Glow is doing there?
And Chrysalis would be still a Queen with a hive then

Some things are going to be different, as such I put the alt. Universe tag. I have my reasons but I hope you enjoy it non the less

Although the protagonist feels generic the fact of being able to use nen makes this story have a good potential to develop a good plot.

liking it so far

The ending of The chapter IS PERFECT no other way the music fits beautifully Bring out the CHOAS

the ponies idea of harmony is actually order absolute

This has so much potential I can't wait to see it grow. I'm already in love with this story so far so keep it up

A little rushed, but I like it Very much, I shall read on

I agree with Lorddragonic, that ending was perfect and music too, I'm gonna track this and I do look forward to more

Alrighty bud, take ya time

Any final last words for this story😭😭

Good chapter, I really look forward to more, also Thank god someone actually notices how Spike Is treated

Hmm. This look interesting the MC chooses to defy Equestria harmony plan to the world, or I should say a sweet coated indoctrination and Supremacy to the world. I like the idea you are making in this like a yin yang symbolism.

Nice chapter. I bet spike gonna be hellya confuse when he wake up and scared as well, how will he convince spike to join them since he will be reluctant and pissed that he got kidnapped in his sleep, a bruise to his ego.

Good chapter and happy I'm not the only one who has seen how spike has been mistreated


True he is a bit Generic, but at the same time I don’t think he has fully accepted what has happened to him nor The rejection of the ponies.

Celestia you are being an ass, not all Humans kill for fun or without regret. You are judging him without meeting him AND you don’t know about what happened to him due to your OWN ponies.


Abused more like, by my count he has been abused, exploited, bullied, ignored, almost killed multiple times and had his own accomplishments stolen.

I have to agree with you, I just didn't want to really say it, the way the ponies (and technically his sister twilight) treat him is bad, I mean he's malnourished, abused, and almost killed and ignored Alot


Can’t for get he is kept ignorant of his heritage too!

..wait what.
This I didn't know about


He’s a DRAGON (Drake?) and how many of his kind has he interacted with? How much does he know about his own kind?

He gave of the Bloodceptor and title as DRAGONLORD without knowing what it meant, though the jokes on Celestia as he could have done so much to better relations with the ponies with that title :facehoof:

Hell makes me wonder if Rarity is being payed to keep him focused on her so he doesn’t find a proper mate that would teach him!

Even then, there are ponies HIS age that he could get with but doesn’t give them the time of day due to Rarity.

Oh, yeah, forgot about that, that episode and how much he and us actually see dragons


Must I point out how frantic Rarity got when Gabby coughs his eyes?

Uhh, maybe, I haven't seen much MLP for atleast a year and half
(IRL reasons)


Go watch the Season 9 episode Dragon Dropped, you will know what I mean!

Makes me wonder, did Spike Propose to Ember when he gave her the most valuable treasure in the form of the Ceptor?

And most likely

It good more please

I like the MC so far.

My guess is that the humans of the past knew what Tia was doing would create and imbalance in the world, but she was too arrogant to admit it, and so decided that humans were evil and needed to be expunged, or something like that.

I feel like the plot is progressing a little quickly, but at the same time, that's a little nitpicky. I'm still excited to see where this adventure will go, and what he means by "Spider's Armament".

It a really good story i can till the Arthur put a lot of work into it

"You're tellin' the truth so I can't be too mad at ya. Now leave before I change ma' mind." I moved through the crowd and went into a alleyway. Once I was out of sight I activated Zetsu and left town. Before you ask, technically I didn't lie to her. All I did was answer her question without actually answering the question. If that makes any sense.

What you did was lying by omission

is the story alive? or is it undead? or just dead?

I don't know.

Chrysalis can teleport from canterlot, the palace garden nonetheless, to inside the Everfree Forest, which causes interference to all magic, twice with no effort...

What blogpost?
You could have at least linked it...

Good story, would like to know if or when it gets finished though.

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