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Hello, it's been a while. I know you voiced your opinion on my crossover fic, and I want you to know that I appreciate your feedback. I had stepped away from my story for a while due to getting very busy with IRL situations. I've been going to college and it has been keeping me busy this whole time, but I will graduate with one more semester to finish. I also had to deal with losing some family members and I fell into depression. I came back to the story recently and after re-reading what I wrote, I can say that I was not satisfied with what I had written. I took some lessons on writing and I made drastic improvements to my story giving it a complete overhaul. I have updated and expanded what I had already written, added themes that make it more compelling, slowed down on some themes I was writing about, and recently uploaded a new chapter to the story with the final battle coming up next. I would appreciate it if you give my story a second chance, I do apologize for what I rushed, but with the chapters updated, I think you will like what I have done to the story.

Thanks for faving A Demon in Equestria :twilightsmile:

No prob. Your story is one of the few decent Displaced fics I've found. Most are generic self-insert power trip garbage. Yours actually has believable pacing , even if I do wish it would speed up at times. Either way, damn good job managing to stand out among the piles of generic junk.

Thanks for Favoriting and liking Skeletor, Master of The Empire. I'm glad you've enjoyed the story so far.

  • Viewing 240 - 244 of 244
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