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As a response to a comment you made on this fan(hate)-fic
(FWI, I'm posting this here so the author of that fic (hopefully) doesn't find me, you'll find out why)
Nevermind he found me, mistake on my part, I somehow missed the fact that you can message people privately. Whatever I'm keeping comment up regardless.

Simply put the author of that particular fic is somewhat infamous among the MLP fandom, more specifically on this site and TV Tropes, for having made multiple hate-fics of dubious quality about MLP. It would take me a really long time to explain every reason why he is not liked (to put it lightly) that well among the fandom and frankly I'm too lazy write that much text about the subject, but let's just say that he's been called "Canadian Chris-Chan" for a reason.

If you want to looking into why he has gained such infamy yourself I'd suggest looking through the TV Tropes pages relating to his works (Specifically here, here and also here for starters.) to get an idea about it. There are certain other websites that talk about him but I can't link those due to content and such.

But yeah I'd suggest not associating with him at all or trying to argue with him about either his views or his content. He is dead serious about what he has said and wrote and if for some Celestia-forsaken reason you have to converse him keep it at a minimum.

Thanks for the favourite on Fallout Girls, I try to update every two weeks!

2273153 I found you in some of my four year old blog posts.

  • Viewing 236 - 240 of 240
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