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Oh my Gosh, I can add Emojies? 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 Kofi

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Wall of Respect.

These People Deserve A Follow More Than I Do.

Etsee - An Absolute Hero.

Dezmo - A Savior.

knighty - A Living Legend.

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I guess I'm late on our anniversary friend. I still hate you, but I've enjoyed my time here ever since that day, so thank you. Have nice year.

Oh. Thanks. I'm getting sort of a Tick vibe from it.

Black Hat from the Spanish cartoon series Villainous.


The series doesn't have an English dub, (with the exception of a few shorts) but it's really good.

I've been meaning to ask for ages: who's the voodoo-looking dude in the suit next to Shego?

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    Pony Porn and Pet Shop Plagiarism.

    Okay, so I don’t even know how to start this off. For the purposes of anonymity, we’ll just call this user the Pet Plagiarist.

    I wasn’t going to make this post at first, but the more I waited, the more I found out. What started off as one plagiarized story became three, and then three became six. Then after that it all just took a left turn at the end.

    To start off, back in October 2022, The Pet Plagiarist posted a plagiarized power pony pet shop story. (God, I love Alliteration)

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    And I Thought Kevin Smith Ruined MOTU...

    Masters of the Universe has a new upcoming toyline... The Crypto toy line.

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    I'm Not Dead, Just Dead Tired.

    I live in constant pain, but I live none the less!

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    Life Update.

    So…. Yeah.

    Long story short, quite a few things happened. SMoTE is still not getting regular updates, at most I can try to squeeze a chapter out a month. This isn’t because I’m too busy with my new job or anything, because I apparently don’t have one.

    So yeah, if you read my last blog post then you know I was planning to delay SMoTE updates because of some amazing job opportunities.

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