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Our job is not to give readers what they want; our job is to show them things they never imagined. --Walt Williams

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Hinterlands / Urban Wilds fanart · 3:44pm March 17th

Recently, Moonatik decided that Hinterlands and Urban Wilds were somehow good enough to merit fanart and drew a picture of Bitterroot and Amanita. I think it's neat!

I have to admit, I'm a bit weirded out at being popular enough for people to make fanart of my fics. But that means people actually like my work, so I'm not complaining.

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In Which I Read Twilight for Self-Improvement · 3:50pm Dec 8th, 2017

It's said that one of the best ways to improve your writing is to read. It helps expose you to new ideas and styles and can inspire you. It's also said that it's easier to define why something is bad than why something is good. Declaring something to be bad usually has very concrete reasoning behind it, while declaring something to be good can be a lot more nebulous.

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You officially got 1k+ upvotes on HTTPS, congratulations!



Could i get full res' of your profile pics? they look kewl

Hey there. Figured you'd like to know I've been absolutely loving your writing. I've been on a pony fanfiction binge recently and yours keep coming up because so many of the premises are fascinating and the stories themselves are great. I'd love to comment on each individual story, but by now I'd have enough comments to fill an entire chapter. It's been fun noticing you've built your own overarching headcanon, or finding references to other stories. Dare I say you've been part of the reason I've decided to start writing a little pony again myself. Keep it up!

Comment posted by 22 KM To Nerdiness deleted Apr 13th, 2022

Go right ahead. You don't need to pass it to me; you can sell it yourself.

Merry Christmas!

I am interested in creating a print of your stories “Best Hell Ever” and “Heaven of a Hell,” probably on Lulu, and was wondering if that was alright with you.

I may create it for myself either way, but without receiving your blessing, I will keep it 100% private, and will not share it in any way. However if you were interested, I can share it with you privately, and if it passes your inspection, we can make it available publicly, or pass control of it to you on LuLu / etc. I would obviously sell it at-cost and make absolutely no profit myself.

Thank you very much! If only I could find this in my earlier searches, instead of just cars. :facehoof:

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