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16 year old Aussie nerd. Fan of MLP, Pokemon, HTTYD and a heap of other things. Mainly write Trixie stories and Scootaloo stories, because those characters are adorable >w<

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Might Have to Disappear Again · 3:05pm Jan 19th, 2017

So much other stuff is happening with school and life in general and it looks like I just won't get the few solid hours to sit down and write over the next year. I'm really sorry about this but yeah it can't be helped. I am writing a film script for English Extension 2, it has nothing to do with ponies but if anyone here is interested I can share it with you. So far I've only got a story and scene outline done, will begin actually writing in the next few weeks. But in terms of pony stuff yeah,

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Thanks for the follow!


I agree; I don't like the vast majority of poetry, but some poetry is really powerful. The problem is, I think, a lot of people fall in love with their own words and art for the sake of art, rather than trying to actually do something meaningful with it. Maud is fun because she's so blunt, and thus, her wasting time on nonsense doesn't seem like her thing.

I'm glad you liked them so much; I'm very fond of them myself, and I'm always glad to hear that others found them interesting and worthwhile.

2116850 It's more than deserving of being on my front page ^w^ I wish I could promote it more actually, same goes for all the fics I featured there, but unfortunately I don't own any highway billboards :rainbowwild: Seriously though I'm flattered that you're flattered about such an awesome story being featured on my silly old page XD

I suppose I should say why I liked it so much rather than just fanboying XD I liked the way it got straight to the point, not only was it in character for Maud Pie, but it sort of redeemed the whole poetry genre in my mind. So many poems are long and fluffy and quite frankly boring, the poems you wrote, or that Maud wrote I guess, were totally different. They felt like they had a purpose to them, and they were genuinely enjoyable and surprisingly emotional. Of course I also loved the deeper look at Maud's character, and that alone would be enough to get the story a like and a favourite, but the reason I put it up in that featured box is how you used poetry in a way that was original and engaging.

I'll drop a comment over your other story when I read it, since you took the time to comment over here I think it's only right XD


I'm terribly flattered to see The Collected Poems of Maud Pie displayed so prominently on your page. I'm glad you liked them enough to want others to see them. I really appreciate it. :heart:

I noticed you added I Have This Friend to your Read Later list. I hope you enjoy Twilight and Celestia's awkward conversation when you get around to it. :twilightsmile:

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