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Hi! I like playing Minecraft and reading stories with changelings. If you need a changeling hive, you can use my mysterious Shadow Hive in any of your stories.


BABScon 2017! · 5:53am Apr 7th, 2017

Hey everyone!
BABScon 2017 is coming around in one week! I will be attending BABS this year like I did last year, I hope I have a much funner time this year!

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Human Transformation Stories

Shadow Hive Kingdom

The Shadow Hive Kingdom

Artwork drawn by Siansaar

Order of drawings; King Shadowling, Weapons Detail
Vizier Shadowling, Normal Shadowling

Shadow Hive Kingdom Information
Hive Leaders
Main Leader: King Zulu
Secondary Leaders: Vizier Council and non-changeling settlement leaders

Zulu is the leader of the Shadow Hive Kingdom, he is the size of a male version of Queen Chrysalis with emerald green eyes and backplate. He also has a backwards facing C for his horn style with pantone 286 U colored mane and tail. He and all the Shadowlings wear at least one warp blade on their main foreleg. The warp blades have an emerald inside of the top part that, when magic is channeled into it, forms a blade made of the user’s magic color. Zulu has two warp blades, one on each leg. He also had a shadow scythe also made of oak bark and held together by changeling goo. Zulu wears a crown that is similar to Chrysalis’s crown but with an emerald on the top of the crown with the round blue parts being an emerald green color. All Shadowlings have a darker black chitin than normal Changelings, they also don’t have the ability to transform/disguise themselves but instead have the ability to melt into living shadows.

The Shadow Hive makes its home inside of emerald mines used by the non-changeling races of the MLP world. The Shadowlings act as the hidden protectors of non-changeling settlements with emerald mines. Only those settlements with emerald mines know about the Hive Kingdom, these settlements act as the ears and eyes of the Hive Kingdom for the events that happen within Equestria, the Griffon nation(s), and the Zebra nation(s). The capital of the Hive Kingdom is located in one of the emerald mines in the Zebra nation(s). Of all the different changeling hives, the Shadow Hive Kingdom is the only one that’s friendly to non-changelings. The non-changelings that live in the settlements with emerald mines are citizens of the Hive Kingdom with equal standing with the Shadowlings of the Hive Kingdom.

The Hive Kingdom has books about the history of all the races of the world in the library of the Hive Kingdom's Capital. They even have books about life before Discord's rule, during, and after. Most of the books in the library focus mostly on the wars that each species fought in.

The main role of the Hive kingdom other then being hidden protectors is being assassins. They have the best spy network known in the world by being able to watch everything that happens in anyone place by being in their shadow form and hiding in either the shadows in a room or in someone's shadow.

Each Settlement and emerald mine are co-ruled by the non-changeling leader of the settlement and the Vizier of the emerald mine, together makes up the many Principalities of the Hive Kingdom. The Viziers act as the nobles of the Hive Kingdom and form a council that informs Zulu of the goings on in both the Principalities of the Hive Kingdom and the non-changeling nations of the MLP world. The Shadowlings have a special type of teleportation called shadow warp that works by teleporting from one shadowed location to another. The Viziers uses this type of teleportation to get to the Hive Kingdom’s Capital and back to their home Principality. Each Principality and its Vizier are a little bit different from each other because of the backgrounds of the settlements and the non-changelings that live there, like accents and history.

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Your welcome!

thanks for the fav

Your welcome! I enjoyed reading Vol.1 soI just had to read Vol.2 when it was posted!

Thanks for the fave!

Your welcome!

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