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Robo Bro

A Canadian brony who enjoys writing stories. On rare occasions I even post those stories here.

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Chrysalis: Saviour of Time Chapter 16 · 5:10am February 21st

Title "Cheating Heart". Discussion after the page break.

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Congratulations, you have earned a spot on The List!


Your story, Chrysalis: Saviour of Time, was considered worthy of spreading around to as large an audience as possible.

I did not. There is a porn tag that can be applied to stories, but that tag is not on it.

There is a Teen rating along with a sex tag. As I explained, that tends to mean there are references to sex, or that it is perhaps discussed in some way, not that there's any actual sex or sex scenes in it.

I'm sorry if you have misunderstood the tagging system, but if you're looking for clop, you should look up stories that have a Mature rating, not teen. Even then, the presence of "sex" doesn't necessarily mean that it's clop, it could be mature for reasons other than its sexual content.

Then why you put the clop tag on it

Clop? Did you notice the rating on the story? It's rated Teen. There's not gonna be clop. The sex tag is purely for sexual references made here and there, as it often is in teen rated stories.

When is the first clop part with the time story

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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