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    Quick Update on Secondo and the Future

    Myello. It's me. Remember me? Hopefully.

    I know this is overdue, and is kind of awkward to talk about since my second-to-last blog post was literally me talking about how I wanted to commit to regularly posting Secondo again and really hammer out the story properly.

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  • 11 weeks
    New Story? New Story.

    Hello! Me again!

    Just a quick blog post to showcase my new oneshot. If you enjoy Chrysalis as a character in particular, you might like this one.

    A Covert Exile

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  • 12 weeks
    Secondo! (Took me long enough)

    It only took like... a month? Ouch.

    Yeah, I'm sorry everyone. I had a few ideas for how to continue after the previous chapter but none of them I felt went anywhere exciting. In the end, due to a combination of work, lack of other ideas, and having other freetime activities to focus on, I simply decided I'd go on a bit of a hiatus for a while.

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  • 16 weeks
    River Republic oneshot (wholesome 100)

    Hello? Is this thing on?

    Ah, good. So yeah, I felt like writing something about River Swirl because she's an adorable poner from Equestria at War, and I'm already a bookhorse enthusiast, so the two naturally merged. On a slightly more serious note, I found River Swirl's backstory to be an interesting one given she visited Celestia's school same as Twilight. Thus, this exists!

    ESparkling Rivers
    Sometimes, when your biggest hopes in life fall flat, the best path forward is to go back whence you came.
    Lil Penpusher · 2.4k words  ·  39  1 · 474 views

    Do enjoy!

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  • 16 weeks
    Secondo Updated

    Me again! Brief one this time to let you know Secondo's received yet another new chapter just now.

    TSecondo: Shores of Zebrica
    After over one thousand years of banishment, the three sirens have been freed and taken over the kingdom of the Hippogriffs. With all resistance broken and shattered, they look to spread their voice and song further abroad. Zebrica calls.
    Lil Penpusher · 42k words  ·  25  2 · 365 views

    I plan on releasing at least another chapter tomorrow or monday, so look out for that!

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