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  • 92 weeks
    A Brief Detour (and Update!)

    Hey there, everyone!

    Some of you may or may not have already noticed, but I've (finally) released a new Story: 'Herzschmerz'.

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  • 118 weeks
    Had to get this one out of my Head (SPOILERS)

    So, as my previous blog post already touched upon: MLP:FiM is at an end.
    That doesn't mean the Fandom and its many expanded and alternate universes are at an end by any means, though, of course. Still... I was really quite sad to see it all come to a close. I won't lie to you all, I spent all of Sunday feeling down, sad and almost depressed as I kept watching the Final Episodes. I even cried. Multiple times. That's how hard it hit me.

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  • 118 weeks
    Looking back - and Ahead

    So... this is it. The End. Finale. End of the Line.

    Man. I... don't know where to start, honestly. This has been such an emotional roller coaster of a ride that it's hard to describe how I feel now that it's over.

    I'll start of by saying that I joined this fandom later than a lot of people. I think it was during the time Season 4 was airing, but obviously I only got to actually watching Season 4 by the time Season 5 was knocking.

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  • 120 weeks
    Final Chapter is out!

    That's right, folks! The final Chapter for A Shattered Crystal is finally out, bringing the third part of the Solar Empire storyline to an end.

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  • 120 weeks
    4th Chapter for Shattered Crystal is out!

    Hello, yes, it is me.

    After expanding my initial script and tweaking the setting and dialogue, the fourth chapter for A Shattered Crystal is now out!

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Comment posted by TheKMExperience deleted Aug 29th, 2020

Oh yes, thank you! :twilightsmile: *takes a D an E an A a T and finnaly after some searching in the bag, a H. Now I have them all :trollestia:

So you have chosen D e a t h

Put the Words in the Bag and nopony gets hurt

*takes bag and puts a , in it*

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