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Twilight Sparkle is glad to have found a new place in life with her best friends. Really, there's nothing she appreciates more!

But... saving the world or school with them on a semi-regular basis is hard work, and some members of the group don't make daily hangouts any less taxing.

In short? Twilight is exhausted. She could really need a break and a few minutes to catch her breath. Just some time alone, some peace and quiet.

Or... does she?

Written as part of Bean's Writing Group under the prompt "Don't Look!". Check the group out, it's a great place to improve your writing, especially for novice writers!

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... Well. That happened. We need more stuff like this :pinkiehappy:.

Here I was expecting clop. :pinkiesick:

But this was pretty damn funny. Good stuff.


There is a fine line between horny and not horny.

And yet you tread on it like a professional tight rope walker, well done.

well that was certainly a story

quite entertaining

Very Fun little story! Thank you for writing this

Call me a dunce but is the implication that Midnight has bigger boobs? Twi just keeps staring at *something*.

narcissism thy name is Sparkle

Please make a sequel with this exact thing happening with Sunset and her demon. (and yes, Sunset is attracted to it, and the demon to Twilight)

Very fun story

And then they banged. Or something.

big fan of this, hope you keep writing

“We’re literally the same person. This is like being embarrassed by your reflection looking at you.”
“We’re clearly distinct enough to have different opinions on the matter. Now can I please have some privacy?”
“Can I get some in my other dreams?”
“Are you seriously playing that card right now?”
“It’s a little hypocritical, is all I’m saying.”
“I’m you without restraint or inhibition. I think I’m entitled to one or two hypocrisies.”
“Well, clearly some inhibitions.”
“Get out of my bathroom!”

(Delightful interplay between the two sides of the purplesmart coin. Thank you for it.)

Came here from Never the Final Word, and because of the comments! Good comedy!

Nice opening, not immediately diving into things, even though I skipped it first myself.

I wonder what would've happened if Twilight didn't manage to pinch herself?

Such is a tale hidden beneath the legendary M rating.


Having an argument with yourself can be very confusing.


now that I caught your attention, I think this belongs to you


Twilight blinked as her sleep paralysis demon ripped the purple curtain off the rail and held it in front of herself in a hasty attempt to conceal her… features. One feature that was not lost on Twilight, though, was the absolute rage building on Midnight’s face.

“I thought we were taking a bath!? What is wrong with you!?”

When your psycho-magical self who tried to destroy existence is condemning your manners, you know you're having an off day.

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