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The Name...

Not for those who like not knowing how the hotdog is made...

Long ago, during the Dark Times, when there was only passable anime on television and the specter of MySpace dominated the land... there was a terrible writer. A 14-year old who thought that he could write, without ever wondering... if he should. One dark night, under a blood moon, in a fit of writer's pique, he asked a friend on what topic should his next short story be?

The "friend" replied, "What about a Pirate-Ninja-Zombie?"

The foolish cur did not know what horror he had wrought! The writer delved furiously into his cause... a cause whose tail was called, "The Adventures of Ryuzaki Deadbeard, Pirate King, Ninja Master, Zombie Emperor!"

It was awful. An unholy blend of Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Discworld (forgive me Sir Terry, I knew not what I did). It involved Time Turtles, an army of Egyptian Mechas, and a Cat in a Hat who sold DREAMS as weapons of war. The story could not be destroyed, save in the place in which it was wrought, and so it was cast back into the files of MySpace, where it was smote into its ruin.

Yet the damage was done. And a terrible word of power was forever etched into the writer's soul. That sad, little writer, who gained wisdom... at a terrible price.

And then blabbed the whole story for the internet to mock. Good job.

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What is the Anarchyverse? · 2:46am May 7th, 2020

What is the Anarchyverse?

The Anarchyverse is a collection of stories written by myself that all fall into the same continuity with one another. The name comes from Anarchy: The Pony of Chaos, which is, as of April 2020, the longest and most significant of the stories in this timeline.

What is this post for?

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THICC or STICC? I'm talking about chapter lengths, ya goofs... · 4:44pm Yesterday

As I've been writing All These Midnight Days, I... kinda realized I'mma bout to finish the penultimate chapters. And I can either post it as a 20,000 word SUPER CHAPTER, or in smaller bits. But, that made me think of something more general I thought I should ask people around these parts.

How long is an ideal chapter update for you, as a reader?

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No problem! Definitely looking forward to more! :raritystarry:

Thank you so much for the fav, I'm truly honored! Big fan of the Anarchyverse btw :pinkiehappy:

Aw, gee! Thank you. You are also special, don't forget!

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