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Writing is just pain leaving the spirit...


In time, all of Twilight Sparkle's friends have had to say their last goodbyes. And as the last of the original Cutie Mark Crusaders passes on, the Princess decides to send her off in grand fashion.

But after the party, the tears, and her newer friends have moved on, and Twilight is all alone once again, somecreature she once thought of as a friend decides to visit her for tea.

Memorial, or Desecration? Twilight might just have to decide tonight, on the loneliest night of her life...

Now with a Spanish Translation by Spaniard Kiwi.

Russian Translation by AngryShutty.

Chinese Translation by Hellagur

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Okay I seriously have questions about the DiscordShy character but the final dream sequence alone makes this story a worthy read.

Ummmmmm... considering Discord is essentially living as Fluttershy now, I feel like we may need another story explaining THAT.

Some weird tense changes here and there, and the writing does feel a bit disjointed or awkward at times, such as with DiscordShy, but overall a solid piece of writing. In the words of Sheev Palpatine...

"We will be watching your career with great interest."


What I got from it is that Fluttershy and Discord are the same entity now. They share a body.

This . . . This was lovely. No other words are needed. Thank you for sharing. :pinkiesad2:

I'm not crying.

This? This is just liquid pride... :fluttercry:

But Fluttershy is mortal though. I don't think Discord would do this if Equestria still had Fluttershy. All I'm saying is that there needs to be a backstory about why this happened because this is an intriguing situation that feels worth exploring.

Comment posted by SamSwordsman123 deleted Oct 15th, 2019

It hurts... It hurts so much...

Thank you.

Cute yes. But I have no idea what the hay I just read. And not in the good way. Might help if you explained what was going on with Fluttershy.

And why you felt a need to give the Elements of Harmony away for absolutely no reason. Unless you plan to explain why they would even exist now.

Sombra destroyed the Tree, and unless the spirit passed them on, then they shouldn't be a thing.

Well that was heartbreaking

I think it's either one of two things:
a) Discord is just disguised as Fluttershy and he's just dead set on not changing. He wants to remember her this way.

b) Discord gave his powers to Fluttershy, effectively 'becoming' her. Neither the original Fluttershy nor Discord exist, but this new Fluttershy is the product.

That's what I think at least

Sad, but well written. I tried not to cry, but almost did. Damn it, why'd you do this to me?

That is true according to Word of god

Maybe theirs an immortality spell. I already consider cartoon characters immortal.

Since there was a Griph mentioned in the story I wonder if any there could be there any member aof the young six alive or is this fully an au. story? What about Moondancer and Twi's old schoolmates?

The main canon is complete. Long live B canon, long live fanfiction, and long live Pony!

Comment posted by SamSwordsman123 deleted Oct 15th, 2019

Celestia rolls her eyes, "Sheesh, Twiligth, I've had MILLIONS of ponies die on me. Literally... millions... So toughen up or take the God Slayer Cyanide pill you got with your 'So Now You're A Demigod' kit!"


I didn’t like feeling helpless, but even I can’t fix everything with my power. Death is… death

Uhm, Discord resurrected Sombra. Sombra had been blown to bits, and Discord brought him back. The comics can't be canon in that regard, or else he wouldn't be evil anymore.

Discord can bring people back to life with zero effort whatsoever, even years after the fact.

So... yeah... kinda a mess when you really think about the details.

I think 9885455 put it best in their second option.

There seems to be a lot of interest in an explanation, so I just might have to follow this up with a prequel.


Some weird tense changes here and there, and the writing does feel a bit disjointed or awkward at times, such as with DiscordShy

Proof that, no matter how many times I re-read my own work, something will always slip through. Still, glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

If Twilight's got her Council of Friendship for ruling Equestria, I figured it made sense to have at least the titles pass on to later generations as a sort of continuity.

I feel like comparing anyone with Sombra is cheating. :rainbowlaugh: Not even sure if he's a real unicorn or some sort of shadow-undead thing now. Still, a fair point.

I've found that, in the absence of an editor, the best way to properly edit your own works is to step back from them for a bit, and detach yourself from the story. Think of it less as your own work, and more like someone else's that you are reviewing. I find that it helps me to judge my own work more critically and spot things I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

9885766 It would have been nice if the show had taken the time to EXPLAIN, MOVIE, EXPLAIN how Discord did that... or what Sombra was... or why nopony realized Discord could apparently raise the dead, which I kinda think a nerd like Twilight would realize immediately and freak out over...

Eh, if I get started, I'll end up repeating the already exhausting 'critique' (read: 'evisceration') of the finale.

But at least it wasn't Disney Star Wars-level craptastic.

Idea for the council works fine. The problem is that, while I have nothing against Flurry Heart being the new Element of Magic, Twilight isn't dead like the others so it can pass on.

Unless I missed something. I couldn't tell what was going on at the end there.

Quality comment as always Alondro.


I'll keep that in mind for next time, thank you. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I think my idea for future Bearers was a lot better developed when I did Last Hearth's Warming. Still, it wasn't my greatest concern when writing this. And with the ending... perhaps it was a dream. Perhaps more. :trollestia: I leave that to you.

there is president on the elements pass on. Look at Celestia and Luna for an example. They use to be bearers of the elements :twilightsmile:

Buckle up folks, there's gonna be many more fics like this. Better stock up on tissues and puppy videos.

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Oh wow! Thanks so much!

Pardon my dust, it has been a long time since I wrote a review set.

I did enjoy your story, though! :twilightsmile:

Going to have to check out your other stuff as well.

I'd be tickled pink(ie) to know what you think! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I certainly liked it. I think that the twists and turns here were very interesting, as was Twilight's disquiet with what Discord was doing, as well as the intentionally-left-open question of just how far Discord was going/had gone with all this. I definitely noticed Fluttershy's absence from the run down of all the ponies who died, and so I was expecting that to be a critical point and was curious where it would go from there, and the behavior of all the characters involved answered some questions while leaving some things vague and intriguing.

Thank you again for the kind words. And I hope you'll let me know if any of the other stories pique your interest! :twilightsmile:

It's not really difficult to understand what happened between Discord and Fluttershy. As Fluttershy was dying, he merged with her, creating a composite personality that lives together as one. They are both comfortable with using Fluttershy's form. Naturally, the Discord personality is the strongest with Fluttershy being what Discord remembers of his now past friend. This makes him both the Pony of Chaos and Element of Kindness, the one element that could tame Chaos. I'm reminded of the Original Star Trek episode Metamorphisis which had a similar, but not identical resolution.

If anything given the talk with Spike, then there's more "Fluttershy" in there by more than a bit.

I suppose I need to be getting back before Angel gets hungry and eats somecreature.”

.........Angel is eating creatures? This concerns me more than anything else in this story.

I really like the thought of Fluttercord becoming one being. Existing together. I seriously can't imagine Discord wanting to do anything but cease to exist after Fluttershy dies, so this would be a good compromise. She could still "die" and he could still keep her.

Very well written. It was a pleasure to read and thanks for sharing it

Agh... my ❤️

Yep... I can see this happening after the series.

Ah yes, the 'Twilight outlives her friends' fics are back, as I knew they would be. At least before it was blind speculation, but I was mildly surprised this is the direction they went. I suppose this is going to be common for a little while.

Loved the finale twin episodes, but I'm still unsure how to process the timeskip ep, or how exactly I feel about it. :applejackconfused:

This is beautiful.
You worked it well.

I really liked what you did with Discord/Fluttershy that is a very interesting concept that I don't think I've seen done before. I think a story exploring that more could be very interesting. The ending was very nice seemed to be exactly what she needed.

This was well written and brought tears to my eyes, and I would be lying to say if I didn't cry. You've managed to capture the emotions and personality of each character wonderfully.

This hurt so much to read but not in a bad way like some do. Left me with a bittersweet feeling as you show the ones that are still there for her and love her but acknowledge and remember those she has lost. Her first and greatest friends. An irreplaceable group that she will carry in her heart forever and a Discord who seems to genuinely care about her. And I get how an immortal being who had never had friends before might find it hard to accept that someone he loved so much was just gone and there was nothing he could do about it. And never having friends before or experiencing such a loss would not know how to handle it. I think this was very well done and definitely left me crying.


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