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Immortality; a fond topic among writers of pony fiction. Be it viewed as blessing or curse, be it sought or dreaded, in story it is a means by which we may explore existential questions, examine the human (or equine) condition, and ask for ourselves what life means to us.

This group is a place for stories in which immortality is a central theme to be collected, celebrated, and (ideally) talked about.

Do note that this requires more than simply featuring an immortal; many stories involve Celestia or Discord (for example) without having their immortality impact the story in any significant manner. Rather, any story to be included here must either deal directly with immortality or have characters influenced by immortality - theirs, others', or the prospect of it.

And for your listening pleasure, a song on the topic:

Banner image is cropped from The Legendary Alicorns, by renaifoxi. Icon image is taken from Chant of Immortality by dragonwolfrooke.

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Thanks for the help.

Sorry I'm a bit late in getting back to you on this one; the last few weeks have been rather hectic.

For the sort of story you describe, I would advise putting it in Ambiguous; that's the spot both for stories that don't take a clear stance and for those that have ups and downs without placing emphasis on one or the other. It sounds like it's ambiguous in your story, so that's where it goes.

Quick question. My story, It has immortality viewed as both good and bad in different ways. The character often thinks back on it, and how he shouldn't live as long as he is, being a human. But being immortal also benefits him because he has a powerful impact on the world that he would not be able to make otherwise. He was a soldier in a massive war; immortality is not something he is easily coming to terms with. But he never actually says it is good or bad. If I could have a suggestion if I should put it in imm is good or imm is ambig; that would be nice.


Thank you; it is very much appreciated.
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