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Well...I'm new here, so...I would like to let you know that I´ll make some fanfictions about Halo, Star Wars (maybe), My Little Pony, WW2, Five Nights at Freddy's, etc.

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Comment posted by Bronie312 deleted September 16th

I'm asking all of you to don't say: "I've told you." I know I've made a mistake, I'll correct the script, by the way, I have to tell you that, because of the UNSC at Equestria banned script, I know that the story WW2/MLP Crossover will be posted by the end of the year, the exams are arriving & I have to study, then I'll be able to modify the script, but there are two options: 1st one I make a new story, but it would be similar, just having a 30% of changes; 2nd one I just rewrite the same story, which thing is difficult to do, because sometimes someone can't remember all the things he or she has written.
You have until May 5 to comment on your opinion, I'll count all of them.
I hope you understand. 👍

Thank you! I like the story, I would like to continue it, but I'm late 'cause school & I'm trying to do 2 stories at the same time, the second one is about WW2, but I'm planning to finish it before publishing it, at this way I'll be able to rest 2 weeks during the summer holidays.

Thanks for the fav on "The Raiders and the Princess", and... welcome to the club ! I hope you have a wonderfull time on this site and meet kind and intersting people :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Bronie312 deleted March 19th
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