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This is a place for stories that contrast to the League of Humans Acting Villainous, all credit for the idea of this goes to the founder of said group, for without him i would have not had the idea for this.
Currently fleshing out the first chapter for a story that goes along with this.

If you want to discuss being an Admin for this group, message me. Go ahead and pm me any story recommendations for this group, and remember that Evil will always lose in the end!

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700 memebers time to dance!

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Please explain how the three folders work, and what qualifies for which one.

We still alive?

Murica is best legion.

Somehow LoHAH reminds me of this.
the same thing in many different ways.

I was thinking of doing a World of Darkness cross-over, where a Venture Vampire, a Fianna Werewolf and human from our world with Mage powers given to him by the Merchant all get sent to Equestria (but not to the same Equestria).

361837 Why can't you?
You can evil, turn good or vice versa. Or just keep switching.

i was thinking of blaster blade from cardfight vanguard
here a pic of him to those who never heard of the show and card game


Someone should make a story where the character goes as a oc symbiote for the dark heroes folder

373628 (warning self promotion alert). I heard you like Godzilla! I happened to have done a crossover. Come see it on my page sometime. (Softly adds-if that's okey)

356807 The sad thing is he's not entirely wrong. Hell sometimes the hero doesn't even make it. Sometimes the hero dies in the end. But that's what we're willing to risk. It's something YOU and YOUR league would never understand.

362231 And it's a wonderful middle ground my friend.

wouldn't be awesome if someone posted a story where a guy got turned into godzilla then sent to equestria?

371141 Honestly, that story would fit better in the Warriors in Equestria group. Although if you can tie in how Chief gets brought to Equestria along the lines of how the other Displaced are, it might be passed off as doable.

371109 got it. my story has master chief himself going to equestria. it's ok to add that?

370817 It can be an OC that role played as Master Chief and becomes the Chief, or you can have it be the Chief himself. Although a lot of the stories here revolve around OCs that cosplay as a certain character and end up becoming said character in one of the many Equestrias in the multiverse. The OCs also inherit some of the behaviors of said character they cosplay as.

Does the human have to be an oc or could it be someone known like a character from a video game. Namely master chief from Halo

361837 actualy you can. Its called being an anti-hero

FYI I accidentally added my story in the Anti-Hero folder, I just wanted it to be in the "Hero's will be hero's" folder, I am not trying to spam it I assure whoever make think that.

Why is there a bunch of LoHAV stories in LoHAH? You can't be both.

Hooves up high for the Angels Of the empresses! I'm not really able to update it more than once a week due to a busy work schedule, but I do hope that all the awesome readers on here would be happy to submit their own space marine! *Wha-Cha!* /) ... anybody?

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