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Welcome to our small corner on Fimfiction, we are a group of authors and enthustiasts who like writing about peoples of the Human race participating in villainous activities! We once were 1500 members strong before the initial deletion of our original group.

We are a parent group of quite a few other groups, all of which are independent, including the Displaced, the League of Humans Acting Heroically, and a few others!

Please, post ideas in the Official Idea thread, collaboration requests in the Official Collab thread, and so on, clutter the forums only with small, meta topics.

While I would like to let you roam free with no rules, we only have a few rules for you. And those aren't exactly set in stone, we want you to not feel restricted. Please do not insult eachother, no witchhunts, no bashing, and keep friendly insults to an absolute minimum!


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What happened to the original group? Some of the links are still broken so it's safe to assume it was deleted and recreated. Was it?

Comment posted by Derpy_DragonV1 deleted Jul 28th, 2020

You'll never find a bigger hive of scum and villiany

Has it really been two years, since anybody has written anything in this comment section thing?

I wasn't talking about the cover art. In the chapter where Dodger finds the Breezies, there's a picture of a spider aptly called the Nope Spider

Thank you! Does it still include the picture of the Demon looking spider?

414944 There is one out there, I just forgot the name of it. If I find it I will tell you.

If I don't follow the rules does that mean I'm acting... villainous?

You know what? There needs to be a Skeletor story! I can't write, but I would gladly support some Skeletor.

... Anyone know what happened the the story "The Rise of Darth Vulcan"

Nice to see the group's still going.

Comment posted by thegamerator10 deleted Apr 29th, 2016

:yay:I'm the thousandth member, but the concept of this group intrigues me so



For the sake of clarity, LoHAV was an exceedingly successful sort of sub-division of the HiE genre. During a long period of perpetual villainous deeds and LoHAV stories being uploaded left and right, the mirror-image group known as LoHAH was birthed. Now, at this point of time, the quite ubique sent and "infallible" formula for LoHAV was firmly established. This formula would later persist even today; said formula goes as following: "Person goes to a cosplay convention. Person buys a particular item pertaining to a certain universe, be it anime, video game, show, or etc. After which, they'd be transported to Equestria where they are most commonly sealed and petrified into stone. They then break out of their immobilized state, vengeance fresh and evoked within their mind, they then set off to take over Equestria or simply find a way back home.

After a brief culling of LoHAV stories that were deemed too generic, the group fell silent for a bit, authors massed together, forming collabs. As the collabs diverged and expanded, two particularly notable ones emerged: The War of Understanding and The Displaced universe. I shall not be providing information on these as they are pretty common knowledge around here.

I hope this helped.

I'm a bit confused about this, but has LoHAV been replaced with the name Displaced because no one would understand what LoHAV is and I'm assuming there's a popular story out there called Displaced using the same premise as LoHAV?

Tis quite the day when the child out grows the parent.

yo Im bored, anyone up for a collab chapter with my character?

rest in peace Lohav, you will be missed

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