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A casual gamer that studies basic principals of game design and writing. Has been spotted playing Vampire Survivors and Wakfu recently

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I'm a group admin for thelaidbackguy and friends group(This group no longer exists.)

I serve as an editor for multiple stories, some needing very little to edit, others not so much. Edited: I no longer proofread or edit any sort of stories, both from lack of time and lack of care.

I'm an amateur author, that takes criticism exceptionally well. Sometimes mindless hate can be something to learn from, there often isn't much difference between Constructive Criticism and "mindless" hate. Indifference is the killer of all writers

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Story Progress · 2:26am Feb 3rd, 2017

Gambler's Respite-Chapter 1-50% done (Last updated 9/23/20)
Total Word Count: 3,635
Since the last time I've updated this blog I've went ahead and cancelled Gambler's Respite. My planned rewrite is something I never followed through on, I might uncancel it in the future if I ever feel like writing again but that's highly unlikely.

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Here is the answer to all of creation

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Glad to see you're enjoying Displaced into Nothing, and I hope to get another chapter out soon!

Thanks for Favoriting and Liking Skeletor, Master of The Empire! I'm glad you've enjoyed the story so far!

Looking through my own comment section I found myself to be kind of a dick at points

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