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Are you tired of the same people always going to Equestria? Are you simply bored of it always being a pilot, the edgy man who hates his life, or twelve year old kid ending up in a magical world of talking ponies?

Would you prefer something more... exotic?

How about a Mongolian warlord?

A Roman praetor?

A British grenadier?

An Aztec priest worshipping his gods by ripping out a man's heart?

An extremely advanced alien from a race of horse-worshipping zealots?

Any of these could end up in our folders! This group is for people who have written these stories and want to share them with us! This group is for people who have a thirst for the unknown and exotic, a group for people who are sick of seeing Kyle and Johnny in Equestria, and would love to see a Kahn's fiercest and most loyal rider among ponies, or a horde of shapeshifting werewolves trying to form a peaceful village while surrounded by suspicion?

Join now! Adventure awaits!

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How about a somewhat crazy nuclear physicist?

If yes check out my silly HIE story ^.^

Does "Human who becomes Twilight but more" count?

look at that i found a book, finished it, and it was a great story as well

Professor Charles Xavier in Equestria. Mimd magic

Yes it is really good

Yo To people could you please read a book by Xshadow hunter he has been having trouble with hate sites on one of his books and needs people to help.put a stop to it all :ajsleepy:

So, I'm new to the group (have been a part of the website for a little while and just joined a few other groups to try and share my stories with more readers) and I'm a little stuck with where I should place one of my stories. The premise for my story is: a werewolf finds his way to Equestria in hopes of finding a cure for his curse.

Any tips on which folder(s) I should place the story under?

Also, hello everyone! :pinkiesmile:

What about a murderer, is that unusual enough or not enough.

Has anyone ever thought of doing a fanfic with scp-096? I always thought Able was one of the coolest Scp's and a good story with him would make my day.

could I post a fic where the human can manipulate blood into different runic symbols to summon creatures and shift his own body into different species.

Does a group of Elemental Bender's count? And if you don't get the reference go check out Avatar.

Ignoring the nonsense I said before, would a human turning into a pony still be qualified as an "Unusual Human In Equestria:derpyderp2:?"

Hey if anyone would like to send me a PM if your interested in some new story ideas since I'm horrible at writing

hi I just joined hoping someone can help me with pre editing. I'm writing a story called the guardians. it about me and my cousin being summoned to equestria and we are made the guardians of the elements of harmony and their bearers. I wont say every thing that happened in it but I need some one to help me so if you can send me some mail and we'll see what happends.

Can someone please write a story about ayay ( from far cry 4) turned yeti( in the end of the last dlc). When he turns up in equestria he appears in a mountain range like the Himalaya. I would do it myself but i suck at writing stuff sooooo PLEASE! Someone do this?:)

391871 Hehehehe... 'ripping a man's heart out'... whoopsie daisies :twilightsheepish:

You had me at 'Aztec Priest who worships his gods by ripping a man out'. JOINING!

I managed to get my story working and its gotten some good responses so thank a lot for that.

Much love :raritywink:

  • Viewing 61 - 80 of 80
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