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I am a brony who loves romance novels and writing tho I don't go online much due to the new move in florida I have no internet unless at school for now.

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Thanks my man i think he would say he greatly appreciated your writing and your personality you put into your charicters.

Memorial to your brother. He was one of the few who commented on my stories almost every chapter and made me feel I was doing well. I regret he never got to see the ending to my story.

I say this from the bottom of my heart, he is and will continue to be missed. I won't forget how he helped me, and I hope these words can show in some barest fraction of how much I am thankful for the few words I was able to exchange with him.

It's alright but no it wasn't in his will to delete it but so far right now I'm leaning more toward keeping it

I'd say keep it. Unless part of his will was to delete it.

I sorry for your loss.

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