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Welcome To The Rogue Bronydom!
Welcome to our group, where any topic is permitted, and darker topics are welcomed with open arms. Continue reading for a deeper description of who we are.

The Rogue Bronydom Tumblr (You can ask questions, anonymously too!)

Our Mission Statement
The Rogue Bronydom is a gathering of adult fans out to love fan artwork and storytelling in all forms. Within this group, the light and dark sides of the fandom are blurred. There is no black and white, only gray.

We aim to stand against the political correctness that is poisoning the Bronydom. The most blatant offenders are:

> Those who believe Rule 34 content (porn or “clop”) is disgusting for the sole fact that Friendship is Magic is a kids show.
> Those who cannot tell the difference between someone making a sexist or racist joke, and someone actually being sexist or racist.
> Those who enforce rules and codes of conduct so strictly that they begin to become detrimental to the community.

It is these types of people that are not welcome here. We will never be told what we can and cannot write or discuss just because of the demographic that the show was originally made for.

Rules and Regulations
1. Keep It To Bronies and Ponies
I doubt you came to Fimfiction to talk about the stock market. If you absolutely must rant about something non-pony, we have an off-topic thread in the forum. Scroll, find it, and post away.

Anyone is free to post threads asking questions to the community as a whole, and you can feel free to answer these threads or ignore them. This group is meant to socialize within the boundaries of the comfort of the people involved, and if a question steps outside those boundaries, answering is far from mandatory.

2. Consider the entire group NSFW
That way, you don't have to bother adding NSFW tags. Bothersome, I know.
The following, however will be removed on sight:
- Personal attacks of any kind (Against the group ToS)
- Pedophilia attacks of any kind. (This just pisses me off. You will be banned with no warning whatsoever.) Clarification: This is NOT a ban on foalcon stories. It is simply meant to prevent personal attacks against readers and writers of said fics, and the fact that some regard simply discussing clop of any kind pedophilia due to the source material and target audience. The rule is in place due to how a pony thread on another site was invaded, followed by gross misconduct by a moderator and administrator.
- As of 7/11/13, no NSFW images of any kind. No embedding or linking. Yes, I am very disappointed in this new development, but I must comply to protect the group.

3. Fimfiction's Terms of Service Still Apply
Yeah, I've touted this as a "discuss-anything-with-no-consequences" group. Which it is. But because this group is part of Fimfiction, we must abide by the site's terms of service, which is why all those restrictions up in Rule #2 are present.

But other than that, discuss anything.

Stories and Where to Post Them
Main Folder
Disregard. This folder is mine alone. Not sure what use it's going to get.

Shameless Self-Promotion
If you want to share your new or existing story with fellow rogues, here's the place to do it.

Favorite Clopfics
For your favorite stories containing sexual content.

I am open to suggestions!
To be honest, I don't know how many suggestions I can take with an anything-goes group, but if you think there's a way to make it better, believe me, I'm all ears. Drop me a PM and speak your mind!

New and potential rogue bronies...I bid you welcome!

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Pandas. That is all you need know today.

Comment posted by Dustin Lange deleted Nov 11th, 2014

Now here is a group that I think I'd fit in well. Quite well. This group's premise is similar to those I inherently support. My writing may even find some appreciation. Thus I invite you to read my first work. It is a little rough around the edges. Very rough in fact. But with a bit of refinement, it could become a real gem.

357534 You guys didn't drink all the whiskey before I got here did you?

357455 Looks like they did and their is room for another:pinkiegasp::raritystarry::pinkiehappy: *joins group*

I hope you have room for one more...*joins group

318808 "No no no. I said Dart Gun, not Fart Gun."

345656 And omg I spammed the follow button on that blog after I started reading it and almost died from laughter.

I couldn't hit the join button faster if I tried.

Ask Princess Mole-stia

Seems like a nice middle finger of sorts to DWM and PinkiePony.

I'm home.

I wan't planning on anything of the sort! I just read what I like and let others do what they want :derpytongue2:

334151 You're allowed to like or dislike anything you please. All we ask is that you do not attack those that do like it.

Am I allowed dislike clop, but not for the reasons specified (I prefer gore, to be perfectly honest)? I have no issues with it, but just tend not to read it. I hope that's ok, but if I am breaking some rule, please tell me and I will leave the group. Thanks!

I wonder how easy it would be for me to... twist... your minds just a little farther. It's always enjoyable watching them snap.
For all my apparently-regained sanity, I'd say that twisting minds is still fun.

The rebel scum who use to control this account is gone. This account is now aligned to the Empire.

-Grand Moff Tarkin-

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