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Death is the finality of life, it is what makes life worth anything, and it is the only certainty about life. This is a group for those who accept and embrace these facts.(The Colts/Fillies in Black)

Any stories that feature death as a core element or has just one death are welcome here.

Be it death himself person(Equine?)ified, a good HiE when death is the means of transportation, a Grimdark tale, an immortal regretting immortality, zombies, etc. all are welcome here as long as they deal with death in one way or the other.

The rules: Rules regarding submitting commenting and the group itself.

Direct all questions here: Questions thread.

Direct all ideas for improvement to the group here: Group ideas thread.

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Why are there stories listed in folders yet the folders are empty?

I am here to vent a little bit, I have been searching for hours yet again trying to find any trace of the stories or author of the first great HIEs I read when I started getting into fanfiction. It was on Wattpad years ago, and was deleted entirely, roughly 2 weeks after I discovered it. I can't recall the name of the author or the works, but I do remember they all followed a similar premise.
A human male with a generally poor outlook on life spends several paragraphs lamenting their situation, then, by: freak accident, criminal activity, or suicide, they die and shortly thereafter wake up in Equestria. From here on, the plot of each story diverges significantly, so I can't really explain the story beats in a beginning middle end kind of way. But I will broadly summarize the one that I remember the most clearly, which also happens to be the longest that I read, Gilda's story.
After the aforementioned Isekai-like prologue and the main character waking up in a mountainous region of Equestria, there is a flash forward to him attending a griffon combat school (I think that's right, not that it matters because the source material probably doesn't exist anymore) I should mention that these stories were all anthro. The main character is Gilda's sparring partner, as the only one who can keep up with her and not get too hurt in the process, due in no small part to his previous martial arts expertise. There are several dozen paragraphs of fight choreography and interpersonal drama before it works up to the fluff and finally the clop. The author made extremely nice clopfics, which is probably what got it deleted from Wattpad. I'm really grasping at straws trying to remember anything else of substance beyond what I've already said, but I can list the starring characters of each of the stories I read: rainbow dash, Applejack, Gilda, the CMCs, derpy hooves (being a milf), and Ember (where the human character was kinda a dragon hybrid for some reason)
Oh and the author made some terrifying and visceral zombie type stories where when the ponies got infected their body parts were slowly and maddeningly replaced with sweets, in such excruciating detail that I ran after reading only 5 paragraphs

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I have a question.

Will my story be accepted if death is a pony and kinda a prick to everyone?

388838 A couple of things actually none of them really good. Either you are destined for an extremely gruesome death. You are going to cause a gruesome death. People around you are going to start dying like a lot of people. Or you are going to have a little face to face with the actual angel of Death.


So yea, got a tarot card reading done the other day. Got kicked out when she drew a third death card on the first try, apparently there is only supposed to be one copy in the deck, so wtf does it mean.

Read the rules and the first thought that came was well damn. Also love a good death point in HiE stories

I just joined this group my thoughts on it So Much DEATH!!!!:flutterrage: i love it:heart:

I just found this group and all I have to say is this. "Oh shit!" :derpyderp1: I have a group sorta like this one.

:moustache: Yes, yes, this group will do just fine.

304564 want to have a party and think about it

304556 tweet tweet mother fucker:rainbowdetermined2:

The Internet is the reason things like this greatly interest me.....I just don't know anymore.

so much notification spam:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

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