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Ebola Chan is my waifu. I am an avid RPer if interested.


Goodbye Nig Nogs · 4:47am Oct 1st, 2014

I'm going to be honest for a few minutes. I fucking hate TGWCOP.

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Fuck This Gay Earth, Love Ebola Chan! <3

People I like

Waifu: 85476376

People I want to meet IRL: 85476376, Pascal, Wrathofgod, inspectah dash, DWK

People I want to fuck IRL: Pascal, Poultron, 85476376, Unnamed others

People I have met IRL: K12314

People I consider friends: Pootbird, Bleedin, Pascal, WrathofGod, 85476376, and some other I can't think of. If you want on this list just say so.

Users I genuinely hate: Knighty, All mods save for Poultron,

Bucket list:
[] Do Coke
[]Do Heroin
[x] Do Alcohol
[] Do Vicoden
[] Do all teh drugs
[x] Lose virginity
[] Have an active sex life
[] Not hate my life
[x] Love Ebola-Chan :3
[] Visit a strip club
[] Cook Meth
[x] Get money
[x] Get pussy
[x] Get the Dewey decimal system
[] Have someone get the references in this bucket list and tell me I don't suck ;~;

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