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In 1945, a man named Adolf Hitler killed himself due to American oppression. I believe that someone should make a memorial page for him in his honor. I hope you take part in his memorial, because I am making a video called Hitler 2012 to teach people about this poor mans life. Thank you for your concern and help.
- Starbird

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Ik its old, but I have come to say 3 is totally wrong

His father died before Hitler turned to politics. He got rejected by an art school and later joined the army. After the war he was unemployed but got a job when he was sent by an official to spy or watch over activities by a suspicious party for anything suspicious. He realized this party reflected his ideals and he himself decided to be a politician before joining them.

Who the fuck is Hitler?

you have failed to understand the joke, you also got your history wrong.

I actually find this very disturbing. I mean, the guy killed millions of Jewish people just because he either felt like it or didn't like them. I mean, the guy was raised in Jewish faith. I seriously hope he died slowly and painfully. :trixieshiftleft:


The time will one day come when people will honour their great dreamers for being decisive men of action.


1. Hitler was born in Austria!

2. Hitler was born into a Jewish family!

3. Hitler wanted to be an artist, but was forced into politics by his father!

4. Hitler was missing his left testicle!

...'nuff said.

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I've founded a North Korea group for anyone who's interested


Hitler is my sister.

Hitler? I hardly know her!

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