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1N2C SIGINT Analyst
-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / - .-. .- .. -. . -..
Brony since 2013 pre-enlistment.
Currently chillin roasting in the desert somewhere.

Grunt as hell, US Army. Groups like this show me that being an 11B Brony is actually not as rare as it felt. lol

153M, UH60M pilot.

I plan on joining the Coast Guard in the not-too-far future. Any tips?

On 3-19-19, I got enlisted into the United States Army.

I'm shipping out for Basic Training on May 7th.

My job is going to be U.A.V Repair. (15e)

Wish me luck.

Can confirm, permission was given as it is purely voluntary. If there are any issues, please let me know via PM.

That said, I've realized that I haven't given my "info"

Former USAF A1C (PT issues), was a 3D0X2 Cyber Systems Operations aka systems admin. I'm now a contractor doing basically the same thing I did while I was in, just in a diff location.

I know since I started this group I haven't really done much with it, or even been active, but I'm looking to change that over time.

Hello all, I need some professional help, no not that kind. 😊 I am working on my dissertation, which examines Bronies. I am almost done but have a large obstacle to finishing. What do I need? I need 15 men who are Bronies, especially those who have or are serving in the military, to do 1 hr interviews, they can be in person or via Skype. Anyone who wants to participate will be kept confidential! If you are a MilBrony as I like to call em, please contact me if you want to participate or have questions!!!! Or if you know a Military Brony that you think would like to participate, please have them contact me. You can msg me here at fimfic or at Thx for any help! I have posted this with permission of the group admin.

411126 yea sorry man. I would say it could be worse but ya know..Afghanistan lol.

411125 at the time yeah. Now I'm 5 months deep into Afghanistan and the prospect of a desk job is very appealing st this point

410106 Ground pounding sounded more appealing did it?

PFC, D co, 10th mtn Div, 87th Regt.
currently deployed in Afghanistan.
And i think the only Brony in this unit.
I'm an 11b, but with my asvab scores, I definitely should have been in computer analyst /logistics /cyber security/ engineering

Good News!!!

As of 1700hrs on 20151006 (5pm 6Oct2015), I have officially joined the US Navy. I, at first wanted to be a Quartermaster, but after the pushing of three, THREE!!, nuke recruiters, a high enough ASVAB score, and much deliberation, I decided to go Nuke. My current Ship date is May 23, and my recruiter is going to see if he can ship me out earlier.

Enlisting in the Army after my senior year. Still looking at MOS's.

Fmr. LCpl in the USMC
0331, machine gunner
31st MEU, 2/7 on Cp. Schwab, Oki
Retired as a motherfucker.

Petty Officer 3rd Class; Machinist's Mate
US Navy
MARF Prototype Naval Reactor
Ballston Spa, NY

To-be Navy SEAL, (USMC or Silent Service if all else fails) and I want to thank you all for your defense of our freedom back stateside. You probably get it a lot, but it's there. Thank you.

Bravo Zulu

PFC, USMC, 1316 basic metal worker
3rd MAINT BN, Camp Hansen, oki

Fuck this place

Just wanted to say: happy Veteran's day, everyone. Your nations appreciate your services.

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