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I've been part of this group but haven't put myself out here. USAF since 07, I am an E-5 (still...) and I'm a 1A351. Cross training to 1D7, been a Brony since 2012 after discovering the show on accident. Only 5 years until retirement, I cannot wait to get out.

Now LT, made O3 recently.

Quick question, do I have to be in the military or plan to join the military in order to stay on the group? If I have to be in the military ill just bug out the group since I'm not.

howdy fellow sailor. e5 et coastie out of California. pleasure

New arrival here. Coast Guardsman in the CSPI pipeline right now (entry as E5, finish program to commission O1), glad to be with you lads.

New here former F-15E wso. Now retired

Haha, not exactly. Though I certainly talk about the importance of having friends out here.

Oh lol just didnt expect an o2 on here. Really awesome though. Do you ever prescribe mlp to people who come and talk to you? Naybe for stress relief or something?

Why is it terrifying?:rainbowlaugh:

ET3 in the coast guard. dont know if you joined yet but, just work and hard dedicate yourself.

that's terrifying not going to lie lol. hello sir

Comment posted by Ned Kelly deleted Jun 14th, 2020

LTJG, USN Chaplain Corps
God bless you all!

1N2C SIGINT Analyst
-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / - .-. .- .. -. . -..
Brony since 2013 pre-enlistment.
Currently chillin roasting in the desert somewhere.

Grunt as hell, US Army. Groups like this show me that being an 11B Brony is actually not as rare as it felt. lol

153M, UH60M pilot.

I plan on joining the Coast Guard in the not-too-far future. Any tips?

On 3-19-19, I got enlisted into the United States Army.

I'm shipping out for Basic Training on May 7th.

My job is going to be U.A.V Repair. (15e)

Wish me luck.

Can confirm, permission was given as it is purely voluntary. If there are any issues, please let me know via PM.

That said, I've realized that I haven't given my "info"

Former USAF A1C (PT issues), was a 3D0X2 Cyber Systems Operations aka systems admin. I'm now a contractor doing basically the same thing I did while I was in, just in a diff location.

I know since I started this group I haven't really done much with it, or even been active, but I'm looking to change that over time.

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