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I like guns and MLP. Isn't that wierd?


New chapter in 1 week. · 7:02am Aug 19th, 2017

What the title says. I hope to publish it next Saturday. I'll try to hurry it up to make up for lost time. Light heart stuff before the plot will kick up a bit. Hope you guys will like it!

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Just drop by to say that I hope you enjoy the summer. Me, got a heatwave but I hang on. I also hope the PM clears things out. And dispite it's only mentioned, I hope you like how Blau and Pip bedcome buddies at the end.

Hi. I don't want to bother, just inform that i sent you a pm with Updates of Blood in the sand

THe sneak peak is out, hope you like it, and a explantion what was why idea with the siblings in the xcom story, if you don’t mind. THe Star trek story, the idea was they could see space and stars, neing fasninated And if you’re wondering why this would be non-canon, orginally, the Eternal KNIghts were 5 ponies, two went missing. Fletcher and his friends would meet them again in the star trek story.

I hope it isn’t too much, just want to keep you up to date and make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Thank and I will. I also sent you a PM with some infomation regarding it.

  • Viewing 430 - 434 of 434
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