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I like guns and MLP. Isn't that wierd?


New chapter in 1 week. · 7:02am Aug 19th, 2017

What the title says. I hope to publish it next Saturday. I'll try to hurry it up to make up for lost time. Light heart stuff before the plot will kick up a bit. Hope you guys will like it!

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You have earned 1 internetz for the moana cake

I hope you are doing well and that my PM wasn't too much. Just thought I tell you, I got the Metal gear story up. If you wanna know more, you know where to find me, would be my pleasure.

It's fine and good luck! I think you'd make a good father.

By the way, have you worked out how Konrad solves the need for meat? Has he an alternative or was he forced to be a vegetarian? Same for Katja. JUst thought it could be interesting if she gets asked about her opinion for meat in one of my stories.

I'm so sorry. I've been busy working on my car and trying to prepare for my fitness exam. I am doing a little better and trying for another baby with my wife.

I have three days off, so I will read some.

  • Viewing 434 - 438 of 438
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