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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!

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"Tale of 2 Big Boys" Has Left The Station · 7:01am February 19th

Yes, you read the title correctly. The time has come, and "Tale of 2 Big Boys", the long-awaited sequel of "Tracks Backwards", and the next story in the Battleship Express Saga has finally left the station, and will be ready to read in the next 10 minutes or so. I really hope that all of you enjoy it

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Yeah. Oh, and that's a great idea for an Equestrian superhero comic. I could see a number of colts and fillies in the Stables having copies of Mare Do Well comics

Yeah that does make sense. As for the Equestrian version of these books and comics. I see them having one of their superhero characters being Mare Do Well, from the episode the Mysterious Mare Do Well.

Yeah. And that’s a good point. I was wondering if we’d talk about if the skill/perk books actually did anything or not. And while I agree that maybe they don’t do anything instantaneously as seen in the games, perhaps they could help Vault 71 boost their skills over time as they read these books, just like irl with how you can gain knowledge of new things from reading books and articles

Yeah. I know that at least some of them will like those comics. And to answer the question of if the skill/perk books do actually increase a character's status in the story. I'm thinking no.

Yeah. I'm almost certain that while preparing to head to Vault 71, Calvin boxed up all those old comic books, and put them in that storage vault underneath his garage with the rest of the important furniture in his house

  • Viewing 33,588 - 33,592 of 33,592
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