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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!

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Maybe. If so, then it probably would have been at a celebration after the war was over. I doubt that he met any of them in person before WW5 ended

So did leopard ever meet any of these brave men and women who did partake in these dangerous missions?

It was found when a US Navy SEAL team was able to infiltrate, attack, and then secure an ORE data archive located in Cairo, Egypt. Once they secured the archive, they sent all the data they could find back to their superiors on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. Once there, the data began to be combed through by dozens of technicians, and eventually, once they'd cracked the security codes, and spent nearly 2 weeks combing through all of the data, it was then that they found out about the ORE's Doomsday contingency plans

And no, he wasn't. These missions were reserved for spec-ops strike units, special forces teams, and other elite units, of which Leopard was neither. He was just a US Army sergeant at this point, though he was soon to be promoted to lieutenant

Okay first how did the allies and Futas learn of this secret contingency plan? And second, did Leo and Leoaprd ever have to take part in these intense missions to destroy the phase 2 weapons?

Hands down, it was the ORE. Once the war began to turn in the Allies favor in WW5, suddenly, all of the battles fought by them, and their Futa Kingdom allies (if you remember correctly, the Futa Kingdom, ruled by Queen, later Empress Boudica, allied with the Allies to take down the ORE in WW5. Yes, the early Futas were once American allies) while they captured their objectives, suddenly ended in massive casualties, and immense destruction all around them, and the surrounding areas. It was soon clear that the ORE was using scorched earth tactics, but every Allied victory was ending like this, with high casualties, and entire cities being burned to the ground, killing even civilians. The Allies were very worried about this, so much so that their war machine was forced to grind to a halt until they could figure out what the heck was going on. And when they did find out what was going on, it horrified them.

The ORE had a secret contingency plan in place that should they start losing the war, scorched earth tactics would be used against the cities, and other parts of nations that the Allies were trying to liberate. These cities would be destroyed with everyone still inside them, and huge firestorms would be triggered, thus ensuring that the Allies died in that battle for nothing. However, this was only Phase 1. If Phase 2 were to ever be activated, a combination of nukes, firestorms, and even sunbeam-powered lasers would literally render the entire Earth permanently sterile, and all life on the planet would be eliminated. Yes, you read that right. If the ORE lost the war, they would destroy the entire planet, thus ensuring the death of every living thing on Planet Earth. How did the Allies and the Futas overcome this? They had to send out strike teams to neutralize all weapons that were going to be used to end the world, as well as take out the weapons used for scorched earth. Then they attacked the ORE all around the world all at once, and absolutely zero mercy was shown to anyone in the ranks of the ORE, soldier and civilian alike. If they went as far as literally trying to destroy the world if they couldn't conquer it, and their own civilians wholly supported that, mass extermination was the only solution, known as Operation Salvation. The fate of all life on Earth hinged on that plan succeeding, and in the end, it worked. WW5 ended in an Allied victory, and the ORE had been wiped from existence forever. However, the damage to the planet from WW4-5 was so severe that it would take decades, if not centuries to heal, and WW6 did not help matters. The planet largely recovered in the decades following WW6, but then in 2098, all that progress was lost in WW7/Atomic War

  • Viewing 31,308 - 31,312 of 31,312
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