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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!

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A New Story has been Released · 10:04am May 3rd

Hello Everypony, ScarFox 9700 here,

I just released a new story that I hope you all enjoy. It's a one-shot, and my first foray into the world of MLP horror stories. Not to spoil too much, but it involves Scootaloo as she tries to uncover a mystery behind 6 old gravel hopper cars in the old Ponyville Railyard, and gets much more than she bargained for. I encourage all of you to check it out if you're a fan of dark/horror stories, and I hope that you all enjoy it

Thank you,

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Hmm, and what's so special about them? What sets them apart from the other Raider Gangs, and each other?

The names of these raider gangs are the Frost Foots, Mist Haze, and the Wild Survivors. All three of which have been active for at least a few years minimum.

Hmm. And who are these 3 gangs?

Yeah that there are only about 3 actual raider gangs in Alaska. In the areas that you said they would most likely be. However the trade off is that these three gangs are actually fairly competent compared to the normal gangs that Vault 71 dealt with in the lower 48.

How many Raider gangs are there in Alaska? There can't be very many, 2-3 maybe

  • Viewing 32,993 - 32,997 of 32,997
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