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Welcome all to the haven for pony loving railfans and diehard railroaders. Here you can post your thoughts in the forum and your stories in the filing cabinet. I am Iron Sides and I am you resident group operator. If you have any issues or anything please give me a holler and I'll see what I can do for you. I hope to add another mod to the group sooner or later if we get more member but I think for now I got it handled. Thanks for joining or visiting and please enjoy your stay among us!

Keep your spirits up and let them iron horses roll!
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who will do the legend of


? I like someone can write about him after his death,, he end up in Equestria world anthro.

I like to see a scrapped story that be save from scrape end up in equestria world like: New York Central No. 5450, ATSF No. 3460, B&O No. 5301, Boston and Maine T1, CB&Q No. 5344, Central of Georgia Class K 4-8-4, Chesapeake & Ohio 492, Chicago & North Western Class ES, Grand Trunk Western No. 5629, Grand Trunk Western No. 6407, JNR Class D62, LNER Peppercorn Class A1, Milwaukee Road Class A, Nickel Plate Road 174, Norfolk and Western No. 1202, Norfolk and Western No. 600, Pennsylvania Railroad Class Q1, Pennsylvania Railroad Class S2, Pennsylvania Railroad Class T1, Pennsylvania Railroad No. 3768, Southern Pacific 4455, Union Pacific 7002, Union Pacific 835, Virginia and Truckee No. 19 Truckee and Western Pacific No. 481if any of you can do it, that be great.

That's better than nothing. I entered the prize draw for its 2016 return railtour (my mum insisted we do so) and got nothing.

Admittedly it's only Alresford to Alton and back, but still...

Congratulations Wessex.

Guess who just got a ticket to travel behind the Flying Scotsman?

I just Joined I hope ya’ll like American trains

I'm starting work on a new one tomorrow!

Challenge Accepted!

I just wanted to say that I picture Ponyville having a tank engine as it's main engine, but the one I'd choose wouldn't be able to do very good going to Canterlot and back.

The engine I'd choose would have to be a LBSCR 0-6-0 E2. Of course it would most likely work in the yard, due to not having a large enough coal bunker for long trips, but I personally think it would do pretty good.


Now, I wouldn't really say the LNER Turbine, yea, it looks fairly similar to to Black 5, but I'm not rally a fan of British locomotives.

But what really popped into my mind, is the Union Pacific Challenger #3985

Don't forget the Smoke Deflectors!

It hauled a intermodeal train, it carried passengers along UP trackage, and god damn, it did a mighty good job at it.

10-4 Dispatch, Railroad9111, out!

My favorite train is the german BR-52 steam locomotive.
Any one know of a story with one in it?

ll you train fan i hope you understand that we need more mlp/trains story so any voleteer?

there new movie called thomas and friends the adventure begins it now in walmart but someone buy it frist and it on youtube now

Well. What an interesting place I've stumbled in to. Didn't know this was a thing. But I like trains and MLP... so... Yeah...
Oh, have any of you ever thought about Japanese steam engines? I think some fit Equestria really well.
like the C56
Or the Class 8620
Sorry they're just links. Don't know how to get pictures on this place.

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