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Welcome all to the haven for pony loving railfans and diehard railroaders. Here you can post your thoughts in the forum and your stories in the filing cabinet. I am Iron Sides and I am you resident group operator. If you have any issues or anything please give me a holler and I'll see what I can do for you. I hope to add another mod to the group sooner or later if we get more member but I think for now I got it handled. Thanks for joining or visiting and please enjoy your stay among us!

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Guess who just got a ticket to travel behind the Flying Scotsman?

I just Joined I hope ya’ll like American trains

I'm starting work on a new one tomorrow!

Challenge Accepted!

I just wanted to say that I picture Ponyville having a tank engine as it's main engine, but the one I'd choose wouldn't be able to do very good going to Canterlot and back.

The engine I'd choose would have to be a LBSCR 0-6-0 E2. Of course it would most likely work in the yard, due to not having a large enough coal bunker for long trips, but I personally think it would do pretty good.


Now, I wouldn't really say the LNER Turbine, yea, it looks fairly similar to to Black 5, but I'm not rally a fan of British locomotives.

But what really popped into my mind, is the Union Pacific Challenger #3985

Don't forget the Smoke Deflectors!

It hauled a intermodeal train, it carried passengers along UP trackage, and god damn, it did a mighty good job at it.

10-4 Dispatch, Railroad9111, out!

My favorite train is the german BR-52 steam locomotive.
Any one know of a story with one in it?

ll you train fan i hope you understand that we need more mlp/trains story so any voleteer?

there new movie called thomas and friends the adventure begins it now in walmart but someone buy it frist and it on youtube now

Well. What an interesting place I've stumbled in to. Didn't know this was a thing. But I like trains and MLP... so... Yeah...
Oh, have any of you ever thought about Japanese steam engines? I think some fit Equestria really well.
like the C56
Or the Class 8620
Sorry they're just links. Don't know how to get pictures on this place.

I'd never see that day indeed! I simply had to join, besides, I was thinking that if the Crystal Empire has technological advances, I was thinking that maybe Canterlot could have the technology to create engines that don't draw attention in service and the type of engine that comes to mind is the London, Midland, Scottish Railways Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 MT Tender engine, or the LMS Black Five (Henry the Green Engine's basis in Thomas and Friends.)

370150 nice, I've had relatives who ran the railways both near (one of my granddads who operated a local signal box during WW2) and far (a great granddad who helped with the construction of one of the railways of India)

my family has worked on the railroad for 6 generations. :moustache:

363161 just started a gauge wars thread

362737 362722 You guys feel free to make a thread about the gauge wars. You have some interesting things to say.

Those 20-foot high cars are regular. you should see some double stacks! ~30' high. They can haul around 100-150 containers per train, more if they have 20-footers in the cars.
360391 Check out this thread.

362722 I read all about Brunel and the Gauge Wars. From what I read, the Metropolitan Railway was originally dual-gauged for Standard and Brunel.

Ever since "Three's a Crowd," I was also looking into the Crystal Express. Seeing as it looks more advanced, the first thing that comes to mind is the 4-6-2 Turbomotive, possibly the most successful steam turbine loco ever built.

362715 actually, I would have said, British style (clean lines, colourful, all pipework hidden away, buffer and screw-link) with American loading gauge, we set our loading gauge too low, our tallest wagons (you call them freight cars) are 13ft

and then there is America, with 20ft high wagons:derpyderp2:

we should have gone with broad gauge (ever hear of I.K. Brunel's 7ft gauge, or even the relatively modest 5ft gauge of Ireland) rather than the odd 4ft 8 1/2 inches, if we had then we would have trains streaking past at 300mph :rainbowdetermined2:

they would have been huge as well, ever see the entrance to box tunnel

compare with a standard gauge tunnel (bit hard to see but you get the picture)

my head cannon also has the friendship express hauled by one of these interesting designs but built to standard gauge:
the Canterlot-Ponyville line is rather hilly, correct?
well these locomotives were built for the welsh mountains; some of the steepest lines that don't use a rack and pinion, they are essentially two locomotives placed back to back, so they never need turning around,

either the Double Fairlie or this monster: the mighty L.N.E.R. U1 Garratt
the whole locomotive is longer than a Big Boy minus its tender and it has an extra two cyliders:

U1 Garratt length: 87ft 3ins
Big Boy length (minus tender): 85 ft 3.4 in

362696 I'm American, actually. I guess I would have to go with the Big Four, Metropolitan Railway (before it was absorbed into the London Underground), and British Railways in general during nationalization.

My headcanon has Equestria's railways being closer to British loading gauge instead of American due to the smaller size of the Friendship Express and Crystal Express.

362693 really!?, i'm guessing from your username that you're Australian, do you have any preference in British railway companies, for instance I could tell you anything you wanted to know about locomotives from the L.N.E.R. (1923-1948), then again, I do live about a 30 minute train ride away from Doncaster, which used to contain one of the greatest railway works in Britain, another 30 minutes on top of that and you reach York: home of the National Railway Museum :rainbowkiss:
I live on a speed-record breaking railway network :rainbowdetermined2:

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