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There's a group for everything else, so why not the invention that put the Industrial Revolution into high gear, the foundation to the modern world?

Factory, marine, agricultural, rail, road, and even aviation; steam engines were able to do so, so much. Steam engines are still used commercially in the form of turbines, so tell me; is the Age of Steam really past?

From the infamous Olympic class liners:

To the humble Stanley:

From Rocket:

To Mallard:

Tom Thumb:

To Big Boy:


To Watt:

And beyond:

So come on fellow steamers! Blow the whistle, open the regulators! Smell the smoke, feed the fire, feel the heat, hear the steam escaping. Steam engines have been here longer than any of us, and will be here long after we're gone. Long after they've been mothballed, they will be preserved in museums and heart, they will not disappear. Steam engines will always capture the intrigue of humans, the hissing, clanking, whining, chuffing and echoes of the past will live on.

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358616 Google Big Boy 4014.
As for my sources, only Trains Magazine, Youtube, Wikipedia, and, oh, I almost forgot, Union Pacific's Steam program.
Norfolk & Western 611 is also being restored.

358611 That calls for a celebration! :pinkiecrazy:

(May I inquire a link for the source of your info, as well as details.)

350241 348090 Big Boy being restored!

350241 That one does look quite nice, and very effective for the time it was built in. :eeyup:

348090 *Note to self: Comments in the group don't show up as a notification*

Yeah Big Boy for the sheer size. :rainbowwild:

I've always preferred smaller locomotives however.

I particularly like the pannier tanks of the G.W.R. :scootangel:

Big Boy for the win! :eeyup:

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