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Mystic Mind

The greatest storyteller of our time, or just another smuck brony on the internet? YOU decide! (Also I do episode analysis sometimes.)

Mystic tales from the Mage of Mind

Greetings ladies, enbies and gents! My name is Mystic Mind, a 30 year old British Brony, here to bring you grand tales that span the genre spectrum. Pull up a chair, grab a beverage of your choice, and indulge yourself in the wordsmith's craft.

Or just scream in the comments about how much of an SJW I am. Your choice, really :P.

If you can, please consider supporting my work through a Ko-Fi donation. That'd be very kind of you :).


My twitter: https://twitter.com/MageOfMind89?lang=en-gb

Additional pony related facts about me:
OTP: Rainbow/Pie
Favorite Genre: Adventure
Favorite FimFic Authors: Pen Stroke, Jaw Joe, Horse Voice, ObabScribbler, Bookish Delight and Novel Idea.
Least favorite genre: Sad Fics/Non-Con Clop Fics.
Other Fandoms: Homestuck, World of Warcraft, Heavy Metal
Biggest Inspirations: FiM, World of Warcraft, Power Metal bands.
The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything: 42
Air Speed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow: Depends. African or European?
Days Without a Velociraptor Attack: 10
Why am I still reading this far down?: I don't know, you tell me!

Have fun! And please leave constructive feedback.

Latest Stories


Coming this Halloween... · 1:10am October 28th

Down there in the darkness
Centuries of evil
And his arms will take you deeper and deeper
God lives under water
We all seek his kingdom
And you feel his embrace, sweeter and sweeter

Heartwarming Romance

Adventure Ho!

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I thank you for following :twilightsmile:

Greatly appreciate the follow. Thank you.

Safe travels in all your endeavors

Thank you so much for the follow, it means a lot to me.
Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Oh, a watcher are ya'? We'll see about that!

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