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During Spring Break, Sweetie Belle decides to help her sister deliver a dress for Sunset Shimmer. What she doesn't realize is that the former unicorn has a secret. Despite spending so much time as a human, Sunset still finds clothing uncomfortable and enjoys living in the buff whenever she can.

Although reluctant to embrace the idea at first, Sweetie decides to follow Sunset's example and try the clothes-free lifestyle for herself. The young teen comes to realize that she loves the feeling of freedom it offers and wants others to enjoy it too. Thus, the Natural Living Appreciation Club was formed.

*Please note that this story primarily focuses on naturism as a lifestyle. It does not contain exhibitionism or graphic depictions of sex.

Collab Authors: Blake Skies Enclave2277

Chapters (20)
Comments ( 1032 )

Cover picture alone I like this story already

yes genius this is a great chapter that will most certainly lead to a great story

7337721 I wrote the first chapter myself, but Blake will be doing most of the rest. Thanks for the feedback.

7337728 hey if it's from you, Blake or both I'll most likely like it

This looks pretty good so far

I've always been into the nudist-based stories, so this definitely appeals to me. Also, possible PM to the cover art? :derpytongue2:

7340505 You're like the fifth person to ask me that. roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/dingdingding.png

Very well. I'll get you the original version.

7340505 I have some myself if your interested.

oooh, I can't wait to see what role DT and SS will play in this. maybe letting DT's place be the spot where the club meets up.

This comment has no meaning now. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!

Can I plz have a PM to the cover art?

Good start, and like many I am curious about the cover art.

I am interested in where this goes as long the the CMC aren't sexualized. As far as the cover goes, I don't wanna see the full version though it does look well drawn, it's kinda misleading. It's seems Sweetie is being convinced by her friends to partake in this when the description says she's the one who'll start things off.

Can you PM me a link to the cover art?


Oh wow, epic cliffhanger. I cant wait! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::unsuresweetie:


Comment posted by DragonRaiderX9 deleted Apr 7th, 2018

Hey since everyone wants that cover pic, send it to me, too? Please?

Gah! Nude Sweetie Belle! Everypony run for your life!

7340505 There;s a whole group dedicated to those stories if your interested.

I almost feel bad for asking now, seeing as how it's almost getting more attention than your fic, but I would also like the link to the cover pic. :pinkiehappy:

As far as the story itself, I'm fond of the concept but the execution feels forced. Sweetie having these underlying naturist urges is fine, as are her exploration of them, but the scenario you put forth felt contrived and rushed. Slow the pace down a bit, let Sunset and Sweetie explore this together at a believable pace, and later when the big reveal to Scoots and Applebloom occurs, there should be no small amount of hesitation.

7341833 Two things:
First: her drive to take off her clothes and swim in the lake wasn't driven by any Naturist feelings she may have, it was more out of necessity because of the heat added to by a slight rebellious drive. the term Nudist or Naturist doesn't appear in the first chapter, and considering how fast other writers including myself have forced characters into Nudism in our own stories this start is much much slower on the gas peddle.

Second: Sunset has only one line in the first chapter, where is she coming into your conversation? if you're getting that from the story synopsis you really read too far into this and/or jumping the gun dramatically. Wait for the next chapter to come out you'll find that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Interesting looking story, I think ill put this one on my read later list!
Also can you pm me a link to the cover image if that is possible? (you have probably been asked this a thousand times already, sorry about that)

Comment posted by Massager 32 deleted Jun 27th, 2016

7342067 Enclave and I are trying to keep this on a weekly basis

Like this story. And... *Looks around suspiciously* can I has pm for cover?

Pretty promising though I must know how frequently will it be uploaded and how long will it be

7341072 It took me hours to dig up that cover photo and I had to edit it so that it would be appropriate for the site. I realize that it looks misleading, but it was the best I could do without an expensive commission. All in all, I think people seemed to like it...and that was the goal. :twilightsmile:

7343431 Well I do commissions for cheap, if you're ever interested PM me.

It may just be me, but I feel like this is Sweetie rebelling against her sister, think about it.

Actually I see it as this, sense she was younger her mind soul and body were trying to tell sweetie belle she was a nudist but was afraid to listen now with sunset shimmer's help she'll finally let those feelings go

7344584 wait till the rest of the chapters

I can only imagine Rarity coming home seeing Sweetie Belle nude on the couch! :rainbowlaugh:


Good chapter, good chapter, I noticed a few spelling errors, but it was... Good. OH GOD THE SUNSET SWEETIE CLOP THAT I IMAGINED IS BURNED IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7346585 always remember to keep a bath robe near by

I agree she scream just like her pony counterpart did holding that ripped Peace of Luna's old tapestry

Sweetie nodded, “I think I understand the whole culture shock thing. We had a kid in our class move in from another country that greeted everyone by kissing their cheeks; took him a while to get used to the idea that we greet each other with handshakes.”

My country! :yay: (but just with girls, guys dont normally do that)

I like where this is going!!:rainbowlaugh:

:unsuresweetie: "Draw me like one of your french girls."
:raritydespair: "Sweetie! Why are you naked on my fainting couch?"
:unsuresweetie: "Because i can? Being naked is fun. Wanna join?"
:raritydespair: "And forsake my fabrics? Never!"
:unsuresweetie: "Your fabric is dumb anyways."

Being naked is actually pretty great, especially when no one is home. At first, it feels awkward being free from the constraints of clothing and the feeling of that breeze that seem to come out of no where but then it starts feeling natural, almost like humans were never meant to wear clothes 24/7.

now every night, i sleep in the nude

Well, this looks interesting, and you've certainly got a believable setup for how Sweetie might have become interested in such a lifestyle. If you're handing out pm's of links to the complete cover art, could I please have one?

Is there such a thing as Nakedism?

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