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The Cutie Mark Crusader's attempt to get Big McIntosh and Miss Cheerilee together with the concoction of a "love potion", however, Diamond Tiara ruins their plans by drinking the "potion" herself!

This is an alternate take on the episode "Hearts and Hooves Day", with just a dash of shipping.

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This is dedicated to my fellow Diamond Cutters, love you guys :heart:!

All I could do while reading this is smile:pinkiehappy:. I am already loving this story because the CMC are finally the recipients of the love potion idea, instead of the ones watching as everything goes wrong. Continue onward my good author.

Oh this should be interesting...

2141913 *brohoof*

Not bad. I like it. Poor Silver Spoon. I have no suggestions. THUMBS UP FOR ME.
P.S. Maybe you can read my story, "My Day In Ponyville"

Diamond Tiara shipping? Sign me up.

A little too short but still very promising. Love DT's nickname for AB :applecry:

I'm liking how innocent this all is so far. Nice alternate reality you've got here.

Backwards triple flip diamond encrusted brohoof go!
/] <--- If you look really closely you can even see the diamonds!

:rainbowlaugh:Okay now that's some good stuff there. Really make's me wish they did that in the actually episode. I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions of ponyville to this new couple.

When do we get a new chapter? This is just :rainbowlaugh:

I currently have...zero words.
...shit I need to work on this more :rainbowderp:.

Now this has promise! Have a fav, I want to see where this goes.

Diamond Tiara has transformed into Flutterage.

Apple Bloom running from a loved struck Diamond Tiara. Is anyone else getting a Pepe Le Pew vibe?

How did the CMC know AB and DT were separated if they didn't see where they went? I was under the impression that DT grabbed AB and ran off with her.


The answer is simple my dear friend...plot hole. Thanks for bringing that to attention, I'll fix that up a bit. *sigh* and I spent so long looking over this chapter to avoid a stupid mistake like that :fluttershbad:!

The plot hole menace shall not prevail! Sound the bugle of war!

Oh my gosh, lovepoisoned DT is epic. Can't wait to see more of this. XD

2464785 I'm almost done with the next chapter, just gotta write the final scene and then type it up and edit. Hopefully it'll be a week at most.

Wait, wait. I thought Apple Bloom was trying to get away. Now she's in love with DT? Okay. Bet the love potion is going to fail next chapter. Also, either Timberwolves are really weak or DT kicks all sorts of butt.

The power of love!!!!!!!!! 1 hit KO always.
Continue onward my good author.

How sweet. People (and sapient ponies) will do anything for the one they love.

Well, Diamond Tiara certainly surprised me there. And I hope Scootaloo soon realises that she needs to look for Applebloom. Although it seems that she doesn't need any help since DT seems to take care of anything.
Maybe we need to give her some more of that Love Potion... :pinkiecrazy:

she whimpered out as she stared at her blank flank, the same one that Diamond Tiara had attempted to lick just before she had gotten away.

Um.....alright then...
Nice chap!:twilightsmile:

2485485 Well if you witnessed someone fighting off carnivorous wolves to save your life, you just might fall in love with them, at least for a short while.

Comment posted by UsernameTaken deleted Feb 27th, 2021

2498712 Text book definition for love works too, no reason to down vote.

2488333 wow I think this is the first time I saw the author's comment get down voted

If I were Applebloom, I wouldn't be asking "Why?" I would be asking "HOW!?" I imagine Diamond Tiara is less physically capable than Applebloom, and even Applebloom seems unlikely to be able to take down a pack of timberwolves all by herself! Diamond just punched them so hard in the face, that their heads exploded! How does a dinky little filly like her do something like that?! And if you say "the power of love" I will hunt and kill you.

Still think this story is delightful and silly, though.

2499803 This story is mainly a comedy. The timberwolf scene with Apple Bloom is probably the only scene that was remotely dark, so I felt a little ridiculousness was necessary to balance it out. Plus I've always imagined DT's father to be a bit overprotective, and would have forced her to go to self defense class so she could protect herself from foalnappers.

and delivered a powerful round house kick to it's face,

That's the power of love...sorry I'll be leaving now.

2499210 It is very rare :rainbowderp:. I can honestly say I did not see that coming.

2520361 Oh, well...okay?

Funny stuff. Just ridiculous enough that I don't mind any errors I may or may not have seen.

well now that DT and AB are together, we just need SS and SB together:pinkiehappy:

I find it amusing that the most unrealistic thing that happens in this chapter makes the most sense. Big Mac was able to knock an entire building off it's foundation and drag it across town while under the effects of the love poison. Makes D.T. taking out some timber wolves seem pretty reasonable in comparison.


You did well :3

2761814 I did well!? Awesome!!! That means I'm almost good yay!!! I feel like the king of the world :pinkiehappy:!

But seriously thanks for the review, always good to get one from you.

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