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I am so old why · 11:11am May 23rd, 2016

Jeez, 2013 when I started this account? I must've been.....jeez 11, anyway, welcome to my blog and stuff, i'm not sure I'll actually write any stories, or finish the only one I have running, I dunno, A lot of people (like 22) liked my story so my I should continue it.......hm I don't know, however, I am alive, if anyone was wondering, I'm just aghh

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I DID? Erm, ya sure I did.

*mumbles: "When the buck did I do that?! Eh, whatever... More reading:rainbowkiss:*

I followed you 'cause
1. I do think you're cool
And 2.
You said you would help with proof reading my fanfic when I'm ready to do it, so it's easier to get a hold of you

Hey... Why the follow? Or am I (almost) as awesome as your 'sister'?

Was getting to much hate, I deleted

So... What happened to that TwiLuna thread you posted in the Shipping group?

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