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Diamond Tiara wakes up one day and finds Apple Bloom in her room wearing a Prench maid outfit, commanding Diamond Tiara to rip her stockings.

*Takes place during Return to Harmony.

Edited by Mudpony.

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I think somepony ticked off Discord. :twilightblush:
Wonder if that becomes a regular thing any time he and (presumeably) Fluttershy aren't seeing eye to eye. Possibly because Discord keeps plucking his out and rolling them around like dice, which never come up snake eyes, perplexingly.


Well, that was silly. :pinkiehappy:

One thing, though:

when Apple Bloom bursted through her door

"Burst" is another one of those irregular verbs in English that doesn't get made past-tense by adding an "-ed" at the end of it. The past tense –
(You still goin' on 'bout tenses? Ah keep tellin' ya–) :ajbemused:
(Don't say it.)
(...fine, fine.)

Anyway, the past-tense form of "burst" is –

(Cut back on th' coffee an' y'all wouldn't be so tense all the time.)
(Do you mind?)
(Nope, Ah don't mind at all.)
(...) :ajsmug:
(Don't you have apples to buck or something?)

Anyway. The past-tense of "burst" is still... "burst."

(Okay, now you're just messin' with us.) :ajbemused:
(Not at all, Applejack. Look it up.)

(..."Rip mah stockin's?" Ah don't git it.)
(*whisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisper*...) :scootangel:
(WHAT?!? ... Oh, EWWWWW! Dangit, now Ah'm gonna have that image stuck in mah head every time Ah see her!)

Thank you, I'll fix that right now.

This is weird...


Anyway, the past-tense form of "burst" is –

"Bursted" as well, actually. Yeah, it feels weird, but like "shined", enough people have screwed it up that it is acceptable now. You'll find it in dictionaries as the past tense of "burst" (I know because I looked it up :raritywink:). If it hadn't been in there, I'd have flagged it. But it was...

And like "shined", getting rid of special cases is overall better for the English language in the long run, making it easier to learn :scootangel: And I say that even though I prefer what I'm used to ("burst" and "shone")


As the kids say these days, "Citation needed." I've got three different dictionaries on my desk right now, and not one of them lists "bursted" as an acceptable conjugation for "burst."


Caught me by surprise it being there. But it was.


From Grammarist

The verb burst is usually uninflected in the past tense and as a past participle Bursted is an old form that still appears colloquially, but it is widely considered incorrect and is best avoided in formal writing. It always bears replacement with the uninflected burst.

You will not find "bursted" in the Oxford English Dictionary, nor in the American Heritage Dictionary, nor the Cambridge Dictionary (which are the three I have handy). In addition, if you google "conjugate burst", not one of the sites on the first page of results lists "bursted" as the acceptable past-tense conjugation of "burst".

So, sorry. Merriam-Webster is an outlier, or possibly including it for the benefit of people trying to look up the old and incorrect form. Either way, "bursted" is absolutely not correct and should not be used.

OBJECTION!So this was supposed to have happened during return of harmony....right? Yet somehow Diamond has memory of the town being over run by thorny vines all the way back in season 2 even though they didn't show up at all till season three....I still like the story, but that was a pretty big contradiction so...

Second person to catch that, so congrats. The only reason I'm not changing it is cause I like the joke I did with it.

So should we not use Merriam-Webster? That's like a popular dictionary, and back when I was in school it was the one most classes used. Either way it looks like these dictionaries all have differing opinions whether or not bursted should be used, so I'm just gonna go with the dictionary I like, which is Webster. That and your comment kind of seems pretentious, but maybe I'm just looking at it wrong.

EDIT: Wow...just wow. I'm a f*cking idiot.

Filthy Rich in a maid outfit...


This story is clearly running on stupid stew.
Good thing I'm hungry right now.

I'm guessing they include it because, to use something from later in the Grammarist article:

And while the form is rare in edited writing from this century, it is fairly common in informal writing.

Seems weird though... if it is fairly common, then it should be in more dictionaries than the one. (And it is; dictionary.com has it as well, but... well, I don't trust that one the way I trust Webster's.) Probably a location thing. Not used in English dictionaries, but does exist in certain American-English ones.

3641558 3641582

Actually, after looking at the Merriam-Webster entry from top to bottom, I'm inclined to think they are listing "bursted" only for those who are trying to look up the archaic or incorrect form. Notice how none of the example uses they give below the definition use "bursted"; if it was considered correct, you'd think at least one of the examples would demonstrate it.

The prior comment wasn't intended to be pretentious, though. Blame it on too many incidents of having to deal with people who will refuse to believe the sun rises in the east unless you snow them under with fifteen different references and a notarized statement from the Pope, I suppose. :twilightsmile:

I didn't take it that way, so all good here ;) Although, given that this Pope seems to be a pretty cool guy, I'll take a notarized statement from him if you have one.


But seriously, because it's all text I can never tell if someone is being jerkish or not, I just have the habit of saying it, and half the time it turns out I took it wrong. So my apologies.

But seriously...North. Totally does that.

How d'you think he got to be so rich? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I am so lost right now... Was that perfect coincidental timing, or was everything set to reset the moment Diamond Tiara gave into Applebloom's demands? :derpyderp1:

...Dear Celestia, I can't believe I just said that last line! :applecry:

Why not both? The Elements of Harmony, taking advantage of Discord being distracted by Diamond giving in, turned Discord to stone at that exact moment :scootangel:

"Rip mah stockings, Diamond Tiara"
Oh, I love this overly repetitive joke.
At first it's funny, then annoying, but after that it's repeated even more! :rainbowlaugh:

The most recent she could remember being the town being assaulted by thorny vines, the kind that reminded her of the ones in her Neighponese hent-I mean, anime. Yes, her totally not graphic, totally child friendly anime.

Wow. That's... unexpected :pinkiecrazy:

Can we get an explanation, please? O_O

Comment posted by Thi Fernandes deleted Jan 8th, 2014

Okay, I had a blastsa.- rererereading this story. But quuuuuuuuuuuu honst, :rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp: I qu[]t[]n the ---lusi% of the :flutterrage:Randommmmmmmm tagatata[][][]---------- sisissssissssd............................

...since the central episode is Return of Harmony. But oh well, minor detail!

Huh? :rainbowhuh: hmm. Meh. Have a fave, a like, and a little bit of Spike. :moustache:

These are the words Tingle came up with.
Don't steal them!

....I'm not sure if I like this or don't......

That ending. T'was perfect.

Derpy was flying straight and delivering mail... ON TIME!


Like, why is :applecry: wearing MY Prench Maid Uniform?

Like, Rip my stockings Diamond Tiara :heart::heart::heart:

Well, that was certainly something. I did find the ending amusing so there is that.

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