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This story is a sequel to Trixie's Gettin' Back On Her Hooves

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"Good job, you really are a lot like I was when I was a kid. Keep up the good work. Some day you might be just like me."

When she first heard those words, Diamond Tiara was excited. A rich and powerful business pony said one day she could be just like her. What was not to like?

Then it all came crashing down as the insidious Checker Monarch's web of deception was pulled away, revealing a sociopathic monster willing to torment her own family if it got her what she wanted.

Not only did Diamond Tiara see a pony she admired fall from grace, she witnessed something far worse. Her potential future self. The monster she could be if nothing changed.

Can Diamond Tiara change the winds of fate and alter her future? Or will the nightmare the monstrous Checker Monarch unleashed be repeated?

A direct sequel to Trixie's Getting Back On Your Hooves, taking place next in line chronologically.

My Little Pony Belongs to Hasbro!

thanks to Alexwarlorn, birthright1979, and ItsfromPeople on DA for betaing!

Thanks to Slitherpon for the cover art!

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Love it! Diamond gets a glimpse at the heartless money-grubbing monster she could grow up to be(like Checker) and it scares her and motivates her to change for the better. Her road to redemption won't be an easy one, and I don't see all of the CMC(particularly Scootaloo) being easily convinced of her change of heart. Fortunately she'll have her parents, Cheerilee, Silver Spoon along with Trixie and the Mane Six to go to for advice and encouragement.

It begins. Diamond Tiara will hopefully be Rescued From the Scrappy Heap by the events of this story.

DT is in for a bumpy ride


I don't think the mane six are going to be that sympathetic towards her.

Oh dis gonna be GOOD!

Diamond Tiara is sure to come out of this a better, more rounded pony.

Or have a psychotic episode. That could also happen.

This will be interesting.

Cloud gremlins.
I always knew they were real.
They never believed me.
But now... Now they can deny it no longer!

Is this before or after a Canterlot Wedding? Because it could be that ponies would think she's been replaced by a Changeling.

"Old habits die hard."
Diamond Tiara is NOT going to be able to do this on her own. She is going to need help and not from Silver Spoon (who is almost like her.) Elsewise, she may end up 'sick' like her mother was. BTW, does Trixie and Stage Hoof have their pets yet?

More followup of GBOYH?
Diamond Tiara road to redemption?
Everypony seems well in character, the shock to DT's system notwithstanding.
Interesting to see the reference (crossover?) to the Pony POV Series.

I always like stories that give a more human (should that be pony I wonder) side to a character (Blueblood is another example of this) :pinkiesmile:


Considering that mental illness MAY or MAY NOT run in her mother's family, that is a real danger.

And it's ironic, they say change comes from within, but we need others to enact that change.

And yeah, I'm going to be enjoying this story too.

Diamond's going to have a tough time not being Diamond.

I have two suggestions for Diamond.

First, you need to talk to Silver Spoon about your fears. I'm sure you'll feel much better if you can get that off your chest.

Second, and this is important, take baby steps. If you try to pull a complete 180-degree personality shift in one day, or even one week, you'll only make other ponies wonder if something's wrong with you, as well as drive yourself crazy. But if you take it one step at a time, I'm sure you'll be able to gradually become able to at least tolerate the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Come on Diamond, you can do this.

Who is the real Silver Spoon? This is the question (for now).
As for Diamond Tiara, she is in a bind. If she even thinks about being mean to the Crusaders, her stomach does flip-flops. On the other hand, if she doesn't say anything to them, her anger and jealousy will eat away at her psyche. She needs to talk to somepony and she needs to do it now. Elsewise, she is going to the hospital (for physical or mental illness.)


Maybe they'll put 'er in the same room they were going to put her mother when she almost went crazy.


Exactly, she was brought into the universe for the sole purpose of being the snotty kid for the CMC to overcome, now she's trying to defy the very reason she exists in a 'natural flavor' style setting, she's going against the rules!

At this rate she will end up giving herself an ulcer from stress.

I did enjoy the chapter and I hope it won't be too long for the next one.

well, we know one other character trait she has, she really loves her father, see her applauding like crazy after a lecture that put everyone else to sleep

4089816 What, not even Fluttershy? She could probably be sympathetic to King Sombra or Tirek if they sincerely wanted to change.

Yeesh. Nothing to say that hasn't already been said- DT needs to talk to somepony.

It's never easy changing stripes, is it? That she lost control in an instant like that makes it that much more believable that it's a struggle.

Well done!

Glad I finally decided to give this story a shot. It's really good!

Man, Diamond Tiara's resolve to prove herself different from Checker already seems to be wavering with that sleepover stunt.:ajbemused:

...wait. She and Silver Spoon need three more ponies to get a group of five for this project. There are three Cutie Mark Crusaders. I think I see where this is going.:ajsmug:

Three guesses who she gets grouped with

More of the same confusion on Diamond's part for the most part, but this project portends shaking things up for her. Also, adorable seeing Trixie & the CMC bonding again.

So, Diamond saw Silver without her mask? Interesting. I wonder how long before Diamond Tiara finally cracks under the enormous amount of stress she is putting herself under? I give it two more chapters, three tops. Especially, if she and Silver are teamed the the CMC.

We ALL know who the real hero that saved the Crystal Empire.

Awesome story so far! Glad I could help.

And many congratulations for making the featured box!

4552653 Isn't it obvious? She's definitely going to be grouped with button mash, alula, and twist!

Being grouped with the CMC is more likely in my opinion, especially since it would be hilarious and this is a comedy story. I hope the next chapter is soon, I sense some really funny moments approaching!

Wow, Diamond is in need of some serious help. She seems to possess no concept of how to be a nice kind individual.

One thing. It was NOT Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and the others who saved the Crystal Empire. That honor goes to Spike.

4553679 Well, they don't exactly know all the details. All they know is that the Empire was saved and they assumed that Twilight and the Mane 6 did it. Just wait for the look on their faces when they're told that it was Spike who did it.

Cheers for Spike, our friendly local Dragon Warlock, then!!!

Any reference is completely intended.

4554049 I can just imagine their surprise. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder who the three partners will be? Either the crusaders or alula plus two random ponies.

Something is gonna hit the fan soon.

Group of five... This is going to be hilarious.

Now I wonder one thing: if Diamond is trying to prove herself different from Checkers, why doesn't she get advice from Trixie? If someone can give her some advice it's the mare who knows Checkers since she was a filly...

If I were the CMC I would bring Winona or Opal just in case.

I see fire on the horizon.

Who saw that coming (raises hand)?

I thought there would be more kids. I expect infighting

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