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Warning! Spoilers for "Keep Calm and Flutter On!"

Fluttershy managed to do the impossible. She's befriended Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, former evil overlord of Equestria and taught him that friendship is magic. However, in the aftermath of all this, the master of confusion finds himself completely baffled by one thing. One question that in his entire life he'd never desired to have an answer to; why? Why after so many eons, was friendship important to him?

My Little Pony Belongs to Hasbro.

Preview pic by C-Puff on Deviantart!

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I just read this on DA. This is a sweet little story with a bit of character analysis, which is something I like. It gives me insight into how the characters are seen as well as insight on the person writing the story. Well done.

Also, FIRST!.

Edit: Also, I was wondering, will there be a story on Trixie's reaction to Twilight's apotheosis? That might be an interesting read.

2266996 Thanks! Glad you liked it! I really did try to make her a complex character.

I don't know, considering it.

Discord is best pony/good guy. A heart warming little story which I thoroughly enjoyed.:ajsmug:

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Very nice. I really hope that they bring Discord back again to help them in one of their quests. Maybe he'd help Twilight learn how to use her Alicorn powers.

I had my doubts when deciding to read this story. It would be very easy to simply write a story about Discord feeling guilty, sad, or repentant.

This story, however, does a good job at making Discord still "feel" like Discord to a reader. His well-chosen transformations (or allusions to hypothetical transformations), his playful and blasé (and sometimes rhyming) original lines, his repeated shifting between lighthearted and serious demeanor, and his ironically echoing his lines from his debut episode all serve to keep Discord in character.

In my opinion, of course.
There are grammar errors, but there are always grammar errors. The story no less good for it.

I enjoyed this story and think it well done. Thank you for sharing it with us.

It was...okay. I did like little joke you went out on.

Not bad. I kind of like the explanation of why Discord enjoys friendship. "What's the fun in making sense."

Short and sweet. Liked.


I doubt Trixie was happy to learn that. The unicorn who had proven better than her at EVERYTHING was now a goddess.

Interesting take and interesting look to say the least.

I really like how you made Discord feel like Discord. I actually wish this was canon, the idea that friendship doesn't make or rather doesn't have to make sense is pretty appealing. I also really like how you use his abilities in regards to the scenery it was a good way of showing he had really became less malviolent.
It also got me thinking about the Elements.
When Discord mentioned empathy I realized that there wasn't anything representing it. You have Loyalty, Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, and... Magic.
Why isn't Element of Magic called the Element of Empathy?
That was the whole point of season one. Twilight learning how to understand the others and sending her letters and it was reinforced in season two where everyone was send the friendship letters and it even saved the day.
wAIT A MINTUE Twilight's memory spell! Didn't that work by having the Mane V see their friendship from her prespective? Did Twilight defeat Discord's magic using Empathy?
I feel like an idiot.

The group all looked at each other in shock at the chimera’s response. Discord actually understood why someone was upset with him?

Well.. I mean Discord is silly but he isn't stupid. He most likely did understand why someone was upset at him. He just didn't care about what they thought about him. I believe in the 'Discord used to be called a freak even before he did anything wrong' thing which makes me think that he is probably used to others being upset at him and he just doesn't care anymore. But that is just my opinion.

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