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Thanks for the watch.

Thank you so much for the faves! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! =)

2411283 Nah, no worries, man. :twilightsmile: Don't trouble yourself so much; I'm just highly expressive and melodramatic. :pinkiehappy: You don't have to worry about my well-being, though I'm touched by your concern.

Aww man, I love that series. And yeah, you're right- Jade Ring and I are extremely similar stylistically, aren't we?

One last thing- if it isn't any trouble, can I ask a favor from you? Can you help me continue to construct my TV Tropes page for MLP? I especially need someone to work on the YMMV stuff, since as the author I'm forbidden from doing so... :pinkiesad2:


I must confess that the element of your commentary that most pained me was that you consider MLP to be a "junk food fic" and "not an example of high literature." :fluttercry: Aww, man, I feel as if I was so close to doing exactly what I wanted: to make a work that superficially appears to be the fanfic equivalent of a mindless popcorn flick, only for the audience to discover that there is hidden and profound deep insight below the surface. If I've failed to do that, then I've come short of my goals. :raritydespair:

:ajsleepy:Well, maybe I was being snarkier than I had a right to, but that was my mindset at the time- harmless and enjoyable curiosity, but nothing I could really point to and say "check this out now" beyond the aforementioned cultural patchwork, and the author's stated level of ambition. But maybe that ambition is enough- this has barely gotten started, after all, so don't mark yourself short on my account when you're the one who's pulled something together and put it out there. (For what's already come, I don't know about insight, but how you flesh out the characters is certainly insightful.):twilightsmile:

Not like I haven't gotten disproportionately invested before, anyway- I can only say so often "Here's this series that plays around with the CMC's pasts and Shining Armor is having an affair with Luna, and I'm hooked and would love to know what you think of it" before I start to feel pretty lame, but I actually put together a trope page for it.:twilightsheepish: And even that was after I troped on the way Celestia was portrayed therein and got into a discussion with Jade Ring over it. Check it out if you haven't- you and he almost feel like kindred spirits.

  • Viewing 16 - 20 of 20
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