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I'm a Soldier stationed in Fort Hood. I'm an aspiring writer/artist and am currently working on a Master's in Psychology.

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In the End These Things Matter Most complete · 11:46am Jul 9th, 2015

Finally finished my latest Tidra fic. It was a bit of a struggle since I was trying to restrict the story to a reasonable length (and one that fit the chapter naming scheme, of course...). Still, I rather liked how it turned out. By the way, for those wondering about the random dragon at the end, that would be this character. She's meant to be Garble and Crackle's daughter, born a decade or so after

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love your stories friend! keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for adding Sixty Eight Reasons to Switch Placebos This Summer to your favorites.

Thank you for favoriting Fading Memories Create New Ones and Nidra's Road to Parenthood! Hope you enjoy and follow for more by yours truly!

Sure, it was pretty fun.

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