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After Ditzy Doo messes up one too many times, Rainbow bans her from the weather team. Ditzy turns to Twilight to help her get over her clumsiness, but can she and the rest of her friends get the job done or will it only result in further calamity?

Stories in the Ponies of Olympus continuity (chronological):

Ditzy Don't
Rolling In Beaches
Head of a Dog; Tail of a Lion
Somebody To Love
Atlas Strongest Tournament

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1050035 The proper name is Ditzy, the name everypony else uses is Derpy. There, I saved your head cannon, now shut up and read.

1050035 Sorry for you, dood. I, personally, liked the idea of Ditzy Doo being her proper name and Derpy being a nickname. It's a neat way to resolve the problem of being referred to by two different names (like the "Lyra Heartstrings" compromise). Further, I like the idea that "Derpy" is some kind of pet name RD uses for her.

1050359 I'm pretty sure she can't, officially. She's just being a douche. I imagined it as something similar to one of those westerns in which one of the characters, who has no authority whatsoever aside from a quick draw, tells another to get the hell out of Dodge. She wasn't really sincere, anyway.

I could sit here and rage all day. But I'd just be a douche. And besides the disagreement between canon names, it's a well written fic.

1052579 Yeah, it's not too healthy to get bent out of shape over a triviality. Besides, I have my reasons.

Rage of Futershy :flutterrage:
Insanity of Pinkie :pinkiecrazy:
Strength of Applejack :applejackconfused:
and the Drama of Rarity :raritydespair:

By these powers combined we have
Mademoiselle Doo :derpyderp1::derpytongue2:

Well done have :moustache:

1251733 I shall treasure it always.:applecry:

Spike's face must hurt....a lot:rainbowlaugh:

It might not necessarily be de jure authority; RD is a) in a pretty important position (head of the weather patrol for at least Ponyville) and b) an Element of Harmony, known to have helped in defeating Nightmare Moon and Discord, if nothing else. RD might have been saying that if she asked for Derpy to be banned from Cloudsdale, she would be, especially since Derpy doesn't live in cloudsdale.

Oh crap, Derpy was going to take Dash and rip her up to make muffins......:pinkiecrazy:

This was fantastic. Good job, friend!

The lesson at the end, maybe that should have been Twilight's friendship lesson since she wanted to be the one to change Ditzy.:twilightoops:

Cute but the idea that Dash skips on the letter writing feels a bit off.

2765558 Oh, she's just shy.

2760156 Well, Twilight wanted to help. Rainbow wanted her to change, though she certainly wasn't being as literal as Derpy took it. I felt Derpy was best as she was the one who wanted to change for somepony else's sake, and I feel like her lesson was the most valuable.

2759474 Thanks, I try.

2757479 Shshshhh, that was just a bad dream. Now, just eat this cupcake...

Pretty decent story, so far! The pacing has a kind of episode-like feeling so far. And good lord, Pinkie's "last words" were hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

2768887 Oh, Stat, I do declare you make me blush like a schoolfilly.:twilightblush:

I'm pretty sure Mythbusters proved the bit about hitting the brick wall at 400mph wrong haha.
I enjoyed the story though :p

I enjoyed. My only criticism would be Ditzy seemed a bit too stupid. Nothing wrong with it, just not my flavor of Derpy/Ditzy.


Probably, but then again this is a world where pegasi can stand on clouds.


I don't really see her as stupid. Mostly clumsy and... Well, ditzy. That's pretty much how she was portrayed in her major appearance, so though I'm sure she comprehends temporal physics with ease, sometimes those really obvious things like checking to make sure the bucket you're giving the chickens is full of seeds and not fiery lizards of death. I kind of relate to that.


Then again, this was Mademoiselle Doo, who seemed to be incapable of doing wrong.


Ironically. Tornados? In real life? The funnel is just the VISIBLE part of the tornado, the insane winds are all around out!!


I told the lovely and charming Mademoiselle Doo everything."

I think you left a word out.

"Rainbow... Rainbow Craaaash. Come out and play."

That's not nice.

I found this entire story, because of it being mentioned on TV Tropes, and RD mentioning how she hated Derpy treating her like a retarded foal. And it finally snapping into place that she had been treating Derpy the exact same way.


I think you left a word out.

I don't think so...

Glad you liked the story, though. This was pretty much the first story idea that occurred to me when I first started watching the show, based mainly on her first speaking role. I'd only barely started delving into the fan interpretations of her character at the time, so it was almost all my own raw impressions. It's good to know that it's been received generally well.

I lost it when I read that a tree was on fire! :rainbowlaugh:


She's like some kind of subconscious miracle arsonist.

Hello. I have read what would be considered the sequel to this story, 'Rolling in Beaches'. I liked it and favorited it, but something was bothering me sense I learned about this story and found out it came before what I have read, and that is that I don't really see the relation to each other.


It isn't so much a direct sequel as it is set in the same continuity chronologically before. In fact, the events of this fic do become relevent when Derpy shows up again in another sequel, Atlas Strongest Tournament. In fact, her longma master who was alluded to in this story also shows up.

Oh, alright. I was just confused, but that helps:pinkiehappy:

She's going to rarities next and she will be good at it, on the cover for the fimfic it shows her in an outfit :ajbemused:

WHAT!?!?!?!?? this does not make sense. It sounds like rarity under one of twilights spells :trixieshiftleft:

Oh Fuck that was creepy Worthy of Horror Cupcakes :pinkiecrazy:

What's with Derpy setting everything on fire? This running gag is.....:facehoof: Poor Ditzy

What is going on here

Comment posted by Alphamon_Ouryuken deleted Feb 5th, 2017

Am I the only one who thought this was a little too mean-spirited towards Dash? I mean sure she was a bit of a jerk, but Twilight was the one who cast the spell. And then there's the fact that everyone turned on Dash so easily. Plus Twilight comes off as a smug ass jerk by withholding the trigger phrase and acts like RD deserves to be treated like a foal and is never called out on how reckless she was being by pulling off a spell like that.

All in all, this felt like a discount Mare Do-Well episode.

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