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Well, this is honestly just me being bored out of my mind, and putting some dazzle into a comment I wrote on an awesome fic called "Not my Destiny". Check that out. It's way, WAY better than this.


Really, though. I hope you enjoy this (if you are actually curious enough to want to read it), because I've seriously done only two other fics, and neither of those are even finished yet.

Thsnk you all for coming,

~Super Big Mac~

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Okay, the last part is a loop from an earlier point (You'll know which) from a different perspective.

I'll get the prank out later! :twilightsmile:

life just happened........HAVE ALL THE SEXY TWILIGHTS! :pinkiecrazy:



It is quite obviously a parody of a story by the author Smayds, dear sir.
*sips tea*

89108 not my destiny parody? Nein! It is simply the brainchild of mine after. Reading it.:twilightsmile:

Such a fascinating gem within a... subpar cover, I'm very happy I gave it a chance. Loved the nightmare spell, and the cosmology part. Luna calling for an adult was so random :pinkiecrazy: and even if it was the entire premise of the story, Twilight's reaction veered towards acceptance way too fast. I mean, give her 10 seconds of shock and amazement, and I could have bought it :twilightoops: but anyway, good job with the fic overall! This deserves more than 4 stars. :twilightsmile:

I was amused
Then confused
And now I'm gonna go make a sandwich

Fricken Troll fics

89230 can you make me one too? "Starving artist" is a bit spot on.


*scratches head* da duck


Try watching BTtF Parts 1-3, end somewhere around three AM, read a comment about how you should totes write a comment you made into an actual story, and then do so. I still can't figure out a good prank for dash to pull in the prequel chapter... :raritydespair:

The last part reminds me of a story where Twilight and Spike become immortal and witness the entire history of the universe :derpyderp1:

God, another paradox. I already had to put up with "Double Rainbow" and now this?! :U :pinkiegasp::derpytongue2::derpyderp1:

Found it:
The mindfuck is equally strong in this one. :trollestia:

89870 Eh, reafd the above comment. I wrote it at like 3 AM on Dec 25th, and then uploaded it. (Well, I actually wrote the first draft here, in the comments.

89168 O rly? :unsuresweetie: I didn't notice... I need to stop mixing eggnog with my coffee. I seem to be doing it wrong. :trollestia:

89168 But seriously, I guess I could give her a slightly less... 'meh' response. Although, how would I do that while keeping it as is?

Give me an address and postage bits and I'll mail it to you:derpytongue2:

Now let's see...

The milk safely in the fridge, and her stomach now full from the delicious pancakes her wide-eyed assistant made for her, she suddenly felt the urge to scratch her back.
"Gah! Stupid wings! No wonder Dash is always lifting them in the air! You can not put them down for more than a minute before-" She cut herself off, turning her head slowly towards the wings whose existence she had just been cursing.
"... I- I- Wings...” Her mouth was working up and down, but only these words managed to come out. Her mind was reeling, racing, trying to figure out some explanation, any explanation, to how on her back there could be a pair of working wings. Did she cast anything strange the day before? Did someone play some weird prank on her while she was asleep? Was she awake at all, or was she still dreaming?
And most importantly, who cared?
She found, after some tries, she could easily move them about, up and down, expand and retract, furl and unfurl. “Th-that's... so.... awesome!"
With a scream of pure exhilaration, she raced out of the kitchen's back door and flew into the morning sky.
'Now I can get revenge on Rainbow Dash for that prank she pulled last month.' She grinned wickedly to herself.

Also, sorry for the sloppy formatting, it looked much better in my word editor XD
Does this answer your question to a reasonable degree? :twilightsmile:

Yes. Once my PC is turned on, I shall make a correction. Thank you for being so very awesome!:pinkiehappy:

...what...the...holy...bucking...hell...did I just read?

101736 The greatest Twilight-turns-Alicorn-Shipfic-SciFi-Comedy-Random-Story-without Pinkie-in-the-entire-Universe.



...okay, I'll just go with that and carry on...still quite confused and bewildered.

108312 read 'not my destiny' by Smayds. You'll notice that there is a comment by me that is an unrefined version of this story. And that story. Y Smayds is 40% cooler, anyways.

Written on my iPod.

West Lander, signing off.

Glad you made a this into a full story. Though it is not as good as "not my destiny", it is just as interesting. Also, the first part (up till the apocalypse-thing) was very fun reading. I especially liked the pranks.
Also, 89428 prank for prequal chapter :rainbowhuh:? hope you find one, would be very fun to read.

112949 Thanks, I was particularily crazy during the whole apocalypse part, and felt slightly :pinkiecrazy:...
But, thankfully, I'm over that. I just can't think of a prank RD could have pulled to make :twilightoops: act so.... well, like that. :twilightsheepish:

i thought this story pretty awesome, up until the point they blew up everything :fluttercry:

117277 why!? why must people always do this, everything ends with bangs nowadays.... can't we have a few more tranquil endings? maybe ? please ? :facehoof:

oh well, I'll hold out hope that your next one will be more.... nevermind all your stories are awesome, just hope you don't completely obliterate the universe with your next one :twilightsheepish:

119014 Well, Flames: Eclipsed will have a less than explodey-world ending. But, that'slike in chapter 14, and update only through three right now. Which really sucks, b/c only two ir three chapters aren't finished yet.

XD Trolololol, that was fun. Maybe a bit OOC for Twi, but still fun. Thanks for the laugh!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

And so TWILIGHT WAS BORN..AGAIN :ajbemused::facehoof:


So I re-read this since I didn't think much of it when I first read it.However I have to say I loved how you did the ending with Celestia and luna one of the best endings you could have gave this......except an open ending.

128358 An open ending? Remember, just because the Universe is thrown for the loop innumerable times, doesn't mean that that will happen indefinitely. Maybe Twilight will get scared, and instead of destroying the world, she just causes it to shift in Space a few thousand kilometres.


128664.....................................well this is the first ending that can be open if you think about it.

129899 I honestly wouldn't know. I'm new to the story writing business. These are the first stories I've written that did not have to do with school.

... Huh. Have you ever written something and then later wondered how the hell you thought something like that up?

Good story (but all fanfics about MLP are) but here's how I read it:
Hmmm..... "Twilight sparkle becomes an alicorn in her sleep and is actually not surprised for once"
Looks good!
hmm, ok... She's an alicorn...
Yeah it was a bit confusing....:derpyderp1: but I liked it anyway! :)

140914 Yeah... I still on't know what was up with my brain. I guess I was more fucked up then I thought. :trollestia::rainbowwild:

Seriously, though, I don't comprehend the story either. It's... well... yeah. Thanks for the comment! :twilightsheepish:

I fucking died laughing.

143445 Oh my goodness, Ohmygoodness!! *grabs defibrillator* Clear! BZZZZRT! Clear! BZZZZZZRT!

Genius, pure genius.

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