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Discord is once again loose, but after using his randomness to find some interesting information on some strange phenomenon in another world that has to do with an island and a bunch of humiliating events, the crazy spirit of disharmony and chaos comes up with a new, sick, twisted, disturbing plan that involves capturing 20 of the most popular ponies (and three non-ponies) and forcing them to play a new game while the rest of Equestria watches in horror (or most likely secret amusement and possibly envy of not being picked themselves).

What does the rotten host Discord have in mind for our 20 unfortunate selections? Well, looks like you'll have to wait and find out! Maybe, just maybe, if Discord is feeling generous, the winner of his new "game" will get a grand prize. Everyone pick a character to root for and let's get it on!

(Special thanks to shadow0knight for creating the cover image. To see the full-sized image, go here: http://shadow0knight.deviantart.com/art/Total-Magic-Pony-Island-Title-293752756)

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Oh god... A bit funny, I must say, though. I will watch due to no spelling mistakes.

I like it. Oh, the lengths you could take this story!

I swear, if you stop writing this story before it is complete I will send starving children to your house and make you feel really bad about yourself.

Oh, I cannot wait to see how this turns out.:pinkiehappy:

I tracked this because the comments told me to :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh:BWA HA HA! omg, this is too perfect! dicord and chris would totally get along.

So, does this make Derpy Izzy or what? And if so, will she end up changing names at random?:derpyderp2:

So... who's going to be Chef?:rainbowlaugh:
I'm gonna make a few guesses about parallels that might occur here:
Trixie=Heather (if she does the whole team-up thing; I imagine she'll recruit Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon)
Pinkie=either Jeff, Izzy, or Owen
Twilight=Gwen or Courtney
Rainbow=Bridget (if so, then I no longer think Pinkie should be Jeff:rainbowkiss:) or Duncan (if so, then i no longer think Twilight should be Courtney:rainbowkiss:)
AJ=Leshauna (or however the **** her name is spelled)

22219 Discord could easily act as both Chris and Chef.

Also, I could see Rarity as Courtney , Spike as Cody and maybe Dash as Duncan.

And although, I'm enjoying this so far, I kind of wish there were 2 more "campers" like the source material. I think it would be amusing if Big Mac and maybe Photo Finish or Little Strongheart were there too.

Well, if Spike was Cody they'd pretty much have to make Rarity Gwen (which just seems unlikely), or else it wouldn't be quite the same.
Trying to figure out who could be Trent, but the only one in the group with a thing for music seems to be Vinyl (well, at least she's the only one who specializes in music)
I kinda think the princesses have an unfair advantage here, because anypony who tries to vote them off will get a one way ticket to the moon if it's Celestia or (I assume) the sun if it's Luna as soon as the show is over and they return to normal.:trollestia:

22522 Well, I was talking more in terms of personality (ponyality?) than shipping.

two things, your discord amuses me and spike was spot on.

You should have added Prince Blueblood; he would be perfect for the role of Justin. :rainbowlaugh:

>Troll me?

You have been already troll'd, Discord.

Fluttershy is a great counter-troll.

As of now, 5/5.

Bwahaha! I love this!

I am hoping you continue with this story since it absolutely ROCKS!:derpyderp1:

Discord is hilarious.
And I couldn't stop thinking of NMM with chef's voice :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome. Salty balls of NMM cuz she's chef? Derpy using Pinkie's tushie as pillow? Trixie's plotting against Twi?! GILDA WINNING FIRST COMPETETION WITH DASH!? Awsum

Oh, goody....Nightmare Chef? Does this mean that she's going to try to ally with AJ? And does Derpy's clumsiness make her Bridget?

Word to the wise: that's exactly why I never read the comments first. You see, if I had read your comment there and hadn't read the chapter yet, that would of been quite a spoiler.
Although, I can't say i'm surprised about NMM, because just before I started reading this chapter I looked over the list of characters and was surprised to see her listed. At first I was thinking maybe Luna was going to reveal that she could still transform for the sake of a size advantage (because that's the only advantage it would give, with her not having magic and all), but as soon as they mentioned that being a cook was lady's work, I instantly figured it out. One question, though: ow is it that NMM can use magic on the island? The spell on the island is supposed to stop any and all ponies from using magic; Discord can only use his magic because he's not a pony, but NMM is a pony.

derpys real name is Ditzy Doo plz get it right its a small thing i know but it helps in terms of being well writen for a mlp fan fic

25173 discord could be useing his magic to allow her to use her magic maybe? i donno

this story is awesome i am really enjoying this

25202 Um, no. She doesn't actually have an official name, but Derpy is probably closer since the people who actually make the show tend to refer to her as such.

This is brilliant! You've definitely captured the spirit of both show, and I'm loving the characterizations for the ones who haven't been developed in the canon. I'm also liking how the confessionals are handled. So far this is one of the most entertaining fics I've ever read, and I can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

Up until now I wasn't entirely sure what this story was supposed to be referencing; I was expecting it to turn into Battle Royale. I am pleasantly surprised. This is much more entertaining.

Now that I think about it, even if every chapter after this ends in an elimination and there are no points like in the show where they bring back one or two who had been voted off, there will still be at least 19 more. Combine that with the fact that each chapter is in the area of 10,000 words long and you have one LOOOONNNNNNGGGG fic ahead of you. This is probably gonna take a while, isn't it? I just hope you can keep up the pace you've set so far of making at least one new chapter per week.

25382 Well, the title should kind of be a dead giveaway, shouldn't it?
If you're unfamiliar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_Drama_Island

25406 Do not worry. I've been writing for 13 years, and I don't have much else to do, not to mention I love to write almost more than life itself, so you can count on more coming out before long. I promise not to quit and that it will not end within a year. :twilightsmile:

Um, are you sure you worded that correctly? You just said you promise it won't end within a year, meaning it will take more than a year to finish. Are you sure that's what you were trying to say?:rainbowhuh:

I didn't care for Total Drama Island at all.
But this is just awesome :rainbowkiss:

25819 Yeah, I noticed what I said...I'm pretty sure you know what I mean...I meant to say something like it won't be a year for when I finish it...or something like that. :twilightblush:

>The regular bathrooms are OVER THERE!

This made my day.:pinkiehappy:
>Keep…it up…and I’ll send you…on a one-way trip…right back to the moon!
U mad Celestia? :pinkiecrazy:

Btw, both Discord and Pinkie like to laugh.


Quite funny and enjoyable read! And I don't even like Survivor!

I really like the way you've handled Discord. I like him more as a playful villain rather than a super creepy, violent beast. He's interesting to watch as he makes the others run through his hoops. Curious to see what his ultimate goal is.

Were the teams deliberately planned or did you randomly put them together? To me it looks like the teams were created for specific comic potential. Either way, it's working.

Looking forward to more! I hope some of my favorites make it all the way to the end!

26222 It you want the truth, I came up with the teams at random. A part of me compares them to Total Drama Island characters, but another part of me wants to make them parody that show, but at the same time be themselves. Therefore, the teams aren't really made in ways that really make a lot of sense; I came up with them in my head. I was thinking about funny combinations, who should be eliminated and in what order, who would fit where, and so on and so forth. Thanks for saying it's working so far, even though it's only been 2.5 episodes. Thanks for reading, though! You'll have to wait and see who makes it close to the end.

Awesome! And I love Gilda - she may have attitude, but she clearly knows what she doing! That griffin has spunk, brains and strength!

I'll guess there will be no teams at the end at all.

I still remember that Chris tricked everyone in free-for-all.

>Chicken hat
Chicken hat wouldn't be something new for Pinkie.
Yay made it.

I got overloaded.
>No, I think another show already does that, and if you ask me, it’s lame,
*meanwhile at Total Drama Musical*
Chris:Argh...my sense says that someone insulted my show!
(Total Drama Island is part one, Musical is part four as far as I know)

This is just..... brilliant. Brilliant idea, brilliant choice, brilliantly written, just...... brilliant. :raritystarry::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::yay:


Damn you, Dash! You nearly killed Silverspoon for sake of winning some STUPID competetion! You're more fucked up than Gilda! :flutterrage:

I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a Talent Show and they will regret losing Vinyl :derpytongue2:

Confessionals in reality shows always bothered me because of the anachronism; they're supposed to provide a running commentary, but in the back of your head you know they had to be recorder long before or long after the fact. That said, I kind of wish I watched more reality shows so I could better appreciate this.
Also, Spike's hammer turns into a shovel mid-sentence. So close to flawless.

Scootaloo: I don’t know why, but for some reason, I find that really insulting.
That made me LOL way too hard!:rainbowlaugh:

how can anyone like gilda? honestly


how can anyone like dash? gilda is awesome, brash and confident, so is dash, nuff said

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