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For fans of Canterlot's classy cellist.

Feel free to add any story to the list. Only requirement is that Octavia must be the main character or otherwise play a prominent role. Also, please sort into an appropriate category.

Apologies for the defunct contest, life a\happened and we really only got three entrants anyway. I'm sorry entrants DX

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You are everywhere, aren't you?

Octavia looks a lot like that fiddle-player from the Apple Family Reunion, don't she?

I remember playing the cello in elementary school. It was... a thing.

is there a Tavi Scratch chat room on skype

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


As some of you know I am writing a tragic romance and I wish to say I am open to suggestions. My hope is to do fans of both Octavia and Vinyl Scratch proud.

u jusvclick publish wen ur done with a chapter

Hi everyone im writing my first fic a Tavi comes through a portal to our world HIE type i have the first chapter half written but dont know how to save it the only buttons i can find are edit delete and publish so after ten or so tries it remain in my word processor HOW DO YOU SAVE A CHAPTER TO A STORY AND WHEN EDITING ADDING NEW MATERIAL SAVE THAT

Wahoo, Octavia!!

Oh my, this place looks like a lovely summer home for me in my time residing on this fiction website. :twilightsmile:

314628 I love that song. Here, have a spanish cover.

Spanish Cover Of Awesome


Comment posted by My Door Productions deleted Aug 12th, 2014

An Octavia fans group exists? JOIN JOIN JOIN JOIN! Tavi is meh favorite pone. I love her so much. I hold an octavia plushie as we speak.

295732 best octavia video yet animation is almost perfect

  • Viewing 21 - 40 of 40
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