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For fans of Canterlot's classy cellist.

Feel free to add any story to the list. Only requirement is that Octavia must be the main character or otherwise play a prominent role. Also, please sort into an appropriate category.

Apologies for the defunct contest, life a\happened and we really only got three entrants anyway. I'm sorry entrants DX

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Octavia looks a lot like that fiddle-player from the Apple Family Reunion, don't she?

I remember playing the cello in elementary school. It was... a thing.

is there a Tavi Scratch chat room on skype

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


As some of you know I am writing a tragic romance and I wish to say I am open to suggestions. My hope is to do fans of both Octavia and Vinyl Scratch proud.

u jusvclick publish wen ur done with a chapter

Hi everyone im writing my first fic a Tavi comes through a portal to our world HIE type i have the first chapter half written but dont know how to save it the only buttons i can find are edit delete and publish so after ten or so tries it remain in my word processor HOW DO YOU SAVE A CHAPTER TO A STORY AND WHEN EDITING ADDING NEW MATERIAL SAVE THAT

Oh my, this place looks like a lovely summer home for me in my time residing on this fiction website. :twilightsmile:

314628 I love that song. Here, have a spanish cover.

Spanish Cover Of Awesome


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An Octavia fans group exists? JOIN JOIN JOIN JOIN! Tavi is meh favorite pone. I love her so much. I hold an octavia plushie as we speak.

295732 best octavia video yet animation is almost perfect

do Tavi vinyl stories go in this group

Not sure which folder(s) my OctiPie story goes in http://www.fimfiction.net/story/168502/happy-birthday-octi can any pony help me? :pinkiehappy:

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