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Hey, Octavia fans. I have a new story about Octavia's life and there will be new chapters every so other day. It's called A Hopeful Melody. Hope you enjoy it.

300360 it is a little bit late (seven weeks late) but i am going to start a thread:facehoof:

ImJustAnotherBrony is being difficult again. Annoying as he may be, he writes good stuff, so I guess we can put up with some of his crazy artiste craziness. His latest antic is here,(*Edit* This link is now a real chapter.)An update to his awesome story about our favorite pony pair, Like Music.... Except it's not actually an update. It's only 34 words, and is either a plea for attention, or his looking for an excuse to can this, and write easy, bland clop. If the latter, Don't let him! Post a comment. If the former, I suppose we might as well indulge him, so post a comment.

*Edit* Success. After nearly 300 comments in one day, he went ahead and wrote the next chapter.

logic compels everything my friend

How is there 48 members and only one post?????

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