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Vinyl is the best pony.

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If you're talking about a light blue pony with a white mane and tail, a black and white dress, and purple glasses, that would be Photo Finish. She is not related to Vinyl Scratch in any way.

Does anyone know anything about the photographer Pony in the opening. She's also in the Equestria Girls movies. Looks sort of like her sister. That's probably just the glasses talking though. ;-)

Hi group!

Thought I'd share one of my shorter works here, because's about Vinyl. So that seems appropriate. Something of a somber tale...or tail...however that goes.

At any rate, nice to meet you all :twilightsmile:


Okay, thanks :twilightsmile:


Have you removed it?

I'm sorry, I accidently added a non-vinyl scratch story here.

I am new to FIMfic and my first work seems to be doing well given the small read base it has drawn thus far. I hope that I can knock ponies off their hooves with this tragic story of recovery.

I'm so glad I can be here to share stories with all of you and have fun with the best wubs maker in Equestria!

I am glad to be part of a common group. Somepony needs to nail down specifics about Vinyl. Like, where does she live, how old is she, and others. My favorite fimfic about her is University Days.

Hay I'm new to fimfic

A year since I joined this group...
And since I joined

Truly, Vinyl is best horse-lady.

351975 Hell yeah it would.

327309 That would be the best:pinkiehappy:

vinyl is best pony

truer words have not been spoken:twilightsmile:

So, how do we add stories? If someone needs to add it, here is the link.

You need to add the story "The Life and Death of a DJ" it is perhaps the most descriptive, deep, immersive, well written, heartfelt, emotional story I have ever read. It is my second favorite FanFic ever, and my No.1 Favorite Vinyl fic.

  • Viewing 49 - 68 of 68
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