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I only write occasionally but enjoy reading more,especially if the story involves prince blueblood.


Been a hot minute · 10:56pm July 1st

Long time no see every pony! Yeah I'd say around 2017 or maybe a little before that my interest in this franchise started to drop a bit. Got really into a few other franchises but G5 is somewhat luring me back. I still make fanfics just mostly other franchises like Danganronpa mostly with V3 specifically, helluva boss, and a few others here and there on ao3. Want to check them out their here here.

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SUPAH GOD BLESS! God loves you, now and forever.

This place is my jam...

Hello, Blueblood admin!

I would greatly appreciate some advice on which category of The good prince to place this story in!

How's the dramatic reading coming along?

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