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I only write occasionally but enjoy reading more,especially if the story involves prince blueblood.


Next story idea on the fences. · 7:33pm August 24th

This is a story idea I've had for a few years but I've been to lazy or confident to try making. I want to make a story about Spike going back to the badlands both to take a break from ponyville and to find his inner dragon now that he's older and smarter then last time. In his time out their he'll make dragon friends along with possible multiple female suitors and 1 of the females will whined up being his mate at the end. Think of it like the harem animes that don't have sex scenes.

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This place is my jam...

Hello, Blueblood admin!

I would greatly appreciate some advice on which category of The good prince to place this story in!

How's the dramatic reading coming along?

1333681 Usually on the right where you see the list of characters in a person's story theres 3 squares with images on them. Click the square in the middle and a list of the groups your in should show up on your left hand side. Then just click the group you want to submit the story to.

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