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"But I'm not like you. I'm a NOBODY."
"Even a nobody can become a hero."
~Just an inspirational thing I came up with myself. :)

"You don't have to be special to be capable of amazing things." ~The Mare Who Fell to Earth

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will." - George Bernard Shaw

God is the universal substance in existing things. He comprises all things. He is the fountain of all being. In Him exists everything that is. ~Giordano Bruno

Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel in order to be tough. ~Franklin Roosevelt

"Mardi Gras!" ~thethreevirtues

Can I haz internets?

I think I lost the password, though...

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Feels bad, man: MLP's Series Finale · 6:15am Nov 6th, 2019

I just finished season nine and i am fucking sobbing, that finale song got me good.......:raritycry: it hurts, it does, i'm a fucking mess



okay i'm going to go retwatch the song for the third time and sobb again k bai

edit: dudes like i've invested so many years of my life into this?? and it's over?? fluttershy is adorable?? ican't type??? i'm gonna faitn??????????

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Like your bio

2636057 Oh wonderful, I'll be waiting then. :moustache: :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the offer! I think I might just take you up on it. :raritywink: I've been wanting to get back into the groove of writing pony again (I've been writing other fanfiction in the interim), so it's nice to have someone I know still active and willing to help. :pinkiesmile:

2636039 Still really nice to see you on here. :yay: :pinkiesmile: I do some edits and proofreads for now. But, you know, if you want a story to be looked over, I'm available. Oh and if you want to chat about any story ideas, writing related stuff or whatever, you could pm me. :twilightsmile:

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