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Welcome to Catholic Bronies! Whether Catholic by name or only in spirit, any who abides by our rules is free join. Simply read on before requesting an invitation.

Policy and Protocol

Humans enjoy a natural autonomy of will, but in the forums, we are guests of the founder. He and his administrators command of us the following:

The golden rule.
Much like the Pope the founder is infallible, he will do as he wishes.

Be respectful.
“Don’t be a dick,” is the primary rule of FIMFiction. Here, we interpret not being a dick to mean attacking ideas, beliefs, or actions at the exclusion of those who espouse or practice them. A fine line exists between: “Same-sex activity is sinful and damning,” and: “Gays are gross and belong in Hell.” Learn it and never cross it to avoid corrective action.

For the administrators, reproofs should be discrete and handled via the private message system. Corrective actions like warnings and bans should never be issued publically—especially not during power trips.

Be accurate.
A story may be submitted to multiple folders, provided that the story fulfils the purpose of every folder. Any stories discovered to be incorrectly submitted should be promptly reported to an administrator.

Additionally, where appropriate, the tags of “(Spiritual),” “(Serious),” and “(Secular)” are required in thread titles. Multiple tags may be included within the same parenthesis, but failure to tag correctly (or at all) requires corrective action.

Finally, though punishment is up to administrative discretion, dishonesty is the only offense punishable by immediate ban (upon investigation). Dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, such actions as lies of omission, equivocation, the deliberate removal of context from quotes, and the deliberate placement of stories in non-corresponding folders.

Be professional.
Complacency derails threads; nothing should be posted without first reading every other post without skimming. Hasty posts or those that follow the quote-by-quote "fisking" method shall require corrective action.

Be forgiving.
Should anyone receive sevens ban in a day, seven times in a day may he repent for re-admission. The catch is that bans are only lifted as the banned forgive their critics.


The Spiritual Works of Mercy
The Beatitudes


Forum Pope
His Flippancy, Pope Swag Cannon IX (see “founded by” link)

Forum Bishops
Bashfluff (inactive)
Digiquill (inactive)

Affiliated and/or Recommended Groups

Anti-Depression Ponies
Because suicide is the worst sin, seek help if you have suicidal tendencies.

While we welcome pro-choice individuals to our forums, the Catholic Church is a pro-life organization.

Christian Bronies of the Americas
This group is for those who like the abbreviation "CBA."


Catechism of the Catholic Church
Douay-Rheims Bible Online
Fish Eaters
The Original Catholic Encyclopedia


From the Founder
I made this group because I'm responsible for the destruction of the original Catholic Bronies group. [You] can use us to get general ideas for a world religions project, though I certainly wouldn't consider us a credible source.

From the Forum Bishops

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Blessings to you! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me anytime:scootangel:

Hello, I am a Lutheran who is wading in the Tiber right now. I've been going to Mass at the local Catholic Church for a while, and have been working towards confirmation. Hope I'm welcome on the forum. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti

So glad to find this group! I almost considered leaving Fimfiction because I could not find mlp fan fics (except for a couple of Fluttercord stories) that I would feel comfortable reading

I've found my people :yay:

Well, I have a piece of fanfiction that mentions the Catholic Church in one chapter of it.

A new member is among you. :heart:

Yay, I was hoping I wasn't alone! :twilightsmile:

"Catholic Bronies" eh? Well, hope you ladies and gents don't mind if I take a seat, here.

362417 I've been trying to catch up with various forums ever since my semester closed. I didn't see anything that I felt I could contribute anything worthwhile to, but I'll go ahead and take another look.

362404 Have you visited the forum as of late? there are a few new threads up

Didn't say anything about landmasses, either. :ajsmug:


affiliated/recomended groups:
-Christian Bronies (our parent group)

I think that statement is somewhat backwards :trollestia:

Hey, I'm catholic, and I'm a brony...wait a second...

Would it be rude, crude and boorish for me to advertise the Catholic Bronies group on Facebook here, or (dare I hope) have it included in the main message? Who knows, maybe we could even somehow integrate the two communities. I know there's a lot more of our kind than I'm seeing and we need to expand our recruiting efforts.
In any case, here's the link. Pax Christi!

original Catholic Broines group

im glad this one is starting out better than the origanl :pinkiesad2:

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