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Celestia Bless America!

Hello all pony fans from the US of A! This group is for anything and everything American, whether it be about fighting for our freedom, fancy dinner dates at McDonalds or the world's most powerful military!

While dedicated to the greatest country in the world, this group is open to everyone!
The United States is a culturally diverse country; immigrants founded this country, and also currently make up about 50% of our intelligent inhabitants! So everybody is welcome no matter your country, culture, or race: whether you're red, white, blue, or some kind of mix; or eat your dinner at a coffee table while sitting on a pillow, feel free to join us!

Feel free to add stories, whether about the grand old flag or not! Add to all folders that apply! (Which means if I find a story in both the 'Murican Authors folder and the Other folder, I'm going to blow something up.)

Image credits:
Celestia animation by SirPonyLancelot
American Dash propaganda poster by MasterEG

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Yeah, actually there was no country for the original settlers so they were not immigrants. Just settlers. And remember kids, if you do immigrate to America, become an American first or you’re missing out on embracing and enhancing the cultural aspects that made America great in the first place. Just living here is not enough....or come illegally or as a refugee and keep doing living the way that turned your own countries into crap.

That Celestia is amazing!


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