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This group is for al Fimfiction users/fans, as the name says it all. This group will one day be a wonderful group and the center point of fics and members alike. In this group the worst of stories will become great stories and the best of stories will become even better, no story will be past by or over looked any more. My proofreaders/editors will make shore that my goal will be dun, you know why I'm tiered that good stories that have good characters and basic will not be unnoticed.

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I hope you folks like my sad ghost story about an unborn colt who's body got stolen from him.

I can always use more critiques on my story, not many readers know what to do with Flutter Ponies.

Now no one can feel left out of a group! :pinkiehappy:

Put as many stories here as you guys like! :yay:

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